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Letters to the editor, December 25, 2014

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Root problems

We are cutting these Dalhousie Dentistry guys too much slack "'What are they going to do...kick every guy out of fourth year?'" by Jacob Boon, posted December 22 at Women have to go through so much crap and they are not believed when something serious happens to them. Let's try to smack some sense early on into men, and then maybe we don't need to get to the stage that Bill Cosby did. —Cristina Capatina-Zarrouk posting at TheCoastHalifax Facebook

I feel that these young men should have to re-do their year, and have mandatory counselling regarding sexual assault. And once they have graduated, have to complete two years of community service with the homeless on a weekly basis. —posted by Debra Johansen at

Excellent, profoundly disturbing reporting fr @TwitCoast on Dalhousie dentistry story & the activity of that FB group —Stephanie Nolen, @snolen on Twitter

Well. As a WOMAN (oh god no) about to give birth to a baby GIRL (why jesus why?), I guess I already know who her dentist WON'T be. —posted by Vicki Combden Murphy

Kick out every single one of them. The school needs to put them in their place or this will continue to happen. —Samantha Chislett @TheCoastHalifax

Awful. RT @elleveetee: "I think the bigger issue is who the fuck is showing the girls." NOPE. —Heather, @LadySnarksalot

I don't understand why these people haven't been kicked out of their program yet. It is quite obvious that there will be a risk to the public should they continue with their chosen field. My taxes should not be funding an education for such abhorrent, and possibly criminal, characters. —posted by Cheryl Wheller

Isn't there a requirement about medical professionals not being assholes? If these guys are allowed to graduate, they'll be the next ones getting busted for touching patients inappropriately. —Jamie MacNeil @TheCoastHalifax

Why is Dalhousie protecting these male students!!!!!!! I wonder if the girls weren't pressured to agree to the restorative justice, or were parents pressuring the university to protect their little angels. This attitude towards women didn't start in university, it started many years ago and these so-called males were allowed to get away with it. They should be expelled. —posted by Janet Kirvan

maybe @CBC could set them up with #ghomeshi ? same culture ... they have similar interests... —J Cale, ‏@TWEETsoSWEET888

Many people fail to recognize that the same messages that condition men to have these views and beliefs about women are the same ones that are conditioning women to have them about themselves, most notably young women. Both men and women are deeply affected by the messages of sexism and gender roles that surround us, and they set up a dynamic that continually reinforces these beliefs. This is not about man-hating or man-blaming. This is about people, and in particular women (since, at present, sexual violence is most broadly and frequently directed at women), not being subject to degrading and demeaning comments and threats. This is a broad, societal issue. And a HUGE one.

With the flurry of news stories on violence directed at women in the last 12 months alone (ie. Aboriginal women, Bill Cosby, Jian Ghomeshi, #beenrapedneverreported, Boko Haram kidnappings—and just today the rape and murder of a 6-year-old girl!! WTF??) can we help but want to change the culture of degrading attitudes toward women? Whether they be predicated by men or women, they are degrading and costly to our culture and to the health of our society. —posted by zoeetal


I've always wondered if these future dentists would ever say the trash that they had posted on FB to their mothers, their sisters, their daughters. If they can be bold enough to trash talk on FB posts, then they should have the cojones to say those horrible things to a woman's face. Like I thought... No cojones to speak of. —posted by Christina Lee Cann

Disgusting! Dahousie president Florizone needs to grow a pair! —Heather Leary Stoddard @TheCoastHalifax

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