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Letters to the editor, December 6, 2018

These are the letters and comments from the print edition.


Thanks for the podcast memories

As a student from Dartmouth who's been living away for a few years, I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love The Coast's 25 for 25 podcast (available now at I look forward to it every week and it really is a nice reminder of home as well as a good way to learn about things that happened before I was old enough to understand/remember.

I'm sure hosts/producers Jacob Boon and Tara Thorne probably are content to be finished the series, but if they ever decide to do another podcast I will definitely subscribe. Give it a thought! Best wishes. —Ian via email

Long-time listener, former Tweeter and repeat fan mailer. As the 25 for 25 podcast reaches the final week/year, I thought I would write one last note to tell you how much I appreciate and enjoy your show each week. Usually when I see that a podcast episode is over an hour long, I get annoyed because who has an attention span that long? What could they possibly be talking about that is worth that much time? 25 for 25 is, of course, a welcome exception.

Listening flies by with laughter, sobering moments and surly thoughts (the third mostly from Tara), all encompassed by a deep understanding and appreciation of the city we call home. As much as it is an anniversary podcast for The Coast, it is also very much a celebration of Halifax. It is clear so much passion and energy went into it, and it is deeply appreciated.

I think a few weeks back Jacob mentioned that he got a repetitive strain injury from flipping through so many back issues of The Coast. The research is intensive and awe-inspiring. Shoutout to you, Jacob Boon, for doing all this in the name of local podcasting, The Coast and the city of Halifax. (Please get some physio, pet some dogs and rest up.)

The podcast was not without its more, umm, controversial opinions. As noted on the show previously, you get in trouble when you make fun of local things. For me the most protestable/shocking was the assertion that Dee Dee's should not have a place to sit. My fondest Burger Week memory was taking my highly confused father to an ice cream shop on a slushy March Monday for a veggie burger. We were two of the four people there, and there was still hardly any room. I wouldn't change that for anything. However, I am glad that Tara went through public transport etiquette for everyone. Jacob's Friends bashing was welcome and appreciated though. That's not local. He's just right, and should say it.

The guests each week have been an excellent way to bring life and nuance to issues and impactful stories. I really enjoyed the 2009 episode with Tim Bousquet. It was like a fun crossover with Examiner Radio. 2015 will hold a special place in my heart because what two better or excellent humans could you find, in Halifax or anywhere, than Megan Leslie and Cory Bowles? I also enjoy how a cast of characters develop and weave their way in and out of multiple episodes. We have various career and life updates from Bousquet, Gloria McCluskey and Ray Bear that they have almost become 25 for 25's "usual suspects". (It has the makings of a good drinking game.) On a side note, but still adding pleasantly to the show, is the music. These selections are always well-chosen and enjoyable.

Thanks for everything. —Grailing, Halifax

Fallen stars

I'm not sure if anyone proofread the horoscopes before printing last week, but I do feel the need to express my disappointment in them (Free Will Astrology by Rob Brezsny, November 29). [Editor's note: For the Taurus horoscope, Brezsny writes about the Civil War, saying: "The southern states soon enacted laws that mandated racial segregation and ensured that African Americans continued to suffer systematic disadvantages. Is there a comparable issue in your personal life?"] I really don't think that there could be a "comparable issue" in my life such as slavery or the abolishment thereof. I think that this comparison is extremely disrespectful, insensitive and unnecessary. How did someone let this get to print? —slum.beautifull, via Instagram

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