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Letters to the editor, February 20, 2014

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Work load

You say you are frustrated when we blame the city for no work, but you later point out the fact that after a co-op or internship most graduates with a degree are forced back into waiting tables or retail stores and believe they should be at something better ("Don't blame Halifax for your crappy job prospects," Voice of the City by Bryce Crosby, February 13). Well if that something better is, more often than not, located outside of our lovely province, can we really blame those graduates for leaving?

I mean from what I gather you just didn't want to leave because you would get home sick essentially. You worked for $600 A MONTH---the same internship or same job elsewhere could potentially be double that.

At the end you shift the blame to our citizens, moreso our youth for being lazy and not putting in the research. Thanks for the massive public insult. —posted by WHOCARES44 at

Refreshing to read something other than negativity and blame for the Halifax employment situation. I'm a firm believer in making your own opportunities, and applying to jobs blindly online is not usually successful for anyone---Halifax or not. (Booming economies like Alberta aside.) New graduates need to understand the value in networking, informational meetings and volunteering as ins to the career jobs they want.

Halifax is all about who you know, and that might not be not fair, but it's the culture and it's not going to change anytime soon. Instead of blaming and complaining about it, make an effort and you will hopefully see it pay off. —posted by Super27

I agree with you, and it's sad you even have to make this point. It should be obvious to people that if you want to work somewhere you should acquire skills that will get you into that workforce, whatever the demand may be. Is Halifax to blame for a poor job market in a lot of sectors? Yes! But Bryce, if everyone was as smart as you then you may have never got your job. Let the idiots struggle and the smart thrive: social Darwinism at its finest. —posted by Craig Fulowski

Halifax is the de facto Toronto of Atlantic Canada. It has to be the economic engine of the region, let alone the province. That responsibility means as a city you have to be aggressive and competitive with the other major cities in Canada, not just Atlantic Canada. It means having a favourable business climate; incentives for business to STAY, not to just come and then leave, and a more pro-development, pro-growth attitude from the people. We're in a country with cities that are willing to take risks for the sake of wealth and growth and if you snooze, you lose. Halifax, collectively, must step up. —posted by ARMD

sex blogging

Sex positivity

Thank you, so much, for your article on Kaleigh Trace in your Valentine's issue and, more importantly, focusing on alternative aspects of sexuality that no one wants to talk about, including (dis)ability and self-love ("Fuck yeah Kaleigh Trace," Feature by Whitney Moran, February 13).

Kaleigh's interview and blog post about her abortion experience in Halifax is the kind of frank and honest dialogue we need about sexual and reproductive health in this province.

The Halifax Sexual Health Centre, and other organizations such as South House, are proud to be at the forefront of the pro-choice movement in Nova Scotia. While it is certainly true that we are still a long way from this topic not being strangled by societal taboos (note the saddening pro-life ads plastered all over Metro Transit), I cannot emphasize enough the positive, safe and supportive environments we strive to create and maintain for anybody who needs counseling or assistance with exploring their pregnancy options.

I hope Kaleigh's interview and your excellent article encourage individuals to seek out the help and supports that are available to them. —John Britton, executive director, Halifax Sexual Health Centre

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