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Letters to the editor, February 28, 2019

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Help the seniors

The ACE Team Network (Advocates for the Care of the Elderly) is alarmed by the worsening state of health care, especially for the most vulnerable Nova Scotians. Some say our health care resembles that of third world countries. What is happening in Cape Breton is frightening.

From the many media reports on doctor shortages, negligence and abuse, emergency and paramedic chaos, it is imperative that the government respond with emergency measures to stop the bleeding. The ACE Team echoes the recent commentary of CUPE NS president Nan McFadgen about the disturbing state of staffing and working conditions in long-term care. She shared a question we all have: How is the government responding to the expert advisory panel report on long-term care?

The ACE Team is inquiring into whether a human rights case can be made for how the elderly are discriminately denied timely health services because of their age and disability while living in LTC or dangerously waiting for health care from home or in the emergency hallways. There is no further debate, expert report or legislative health committee meandering needed.

Please stop talking about health care and fix it! More LTC beds and qualified staff are needed, which are cost-effective measures for avoiding expensive hospital stays and emergency department hemorrhaging.

What is required now is a detailed response and plan from the health minister of what will happen, especially in the short term. Anything less will be an injustice to the elderly, their families, front-line caregivers, and their respective organizations who took their concerns, fears and valuable time to report to the expert panel last fall.

We ask the public to contact your local MLA to express your concerns. Join the ACE Team to help impress upon the government the need for immediate action (search for the ACE Team Facebook group).

We can't wait for the next election—it is a matter of life and death and avoidable suffering, especially for the elderly.
—Gary MacLeod, chair, ACE Team Network

Going to pot

"The Girls say they don't want to be criminals, but they are passionate and knowledgeable about the drug, and the province has created no space for them in the legal market." ("The illegal weed boom," cover story by Meagan Campbell, February 21). What, the province is supposed to hire a pair of pothead criminal losers?
—posted by Bucca at

When is the last time you heard of a bootlegger getting arrested? And yes, they are supposed to include the people who've been passionate and knowledgable about cannabis in the industry. Nice of you to assume someone is a loser who you don't know, when they're brave enough to share their experiences with you and thousands of other people who read The Coast. Way to keep the stigmas and discrimination going. I hope something good happens to you so you become a more loving person who's capable of looking at something you don't understand without such prejudice and judgment.

The kids are right

Dear fellow oldies: Please stop trashing the next generations. Help or get out of the way.

They are marching on foot, stomping out a web of silky threads barely noticeable except for the way the strands catch the light. Plucked, they send vibrations to those that can hear and more come to march. They are calling for change faster than we want to give it, and they will have it because it matters most to them. They have a tenacity of spirit that allows them to prepare to leap rather than cling and fall with belief.
—Sarah Balsley, Hubbards

Well written, Trayvone ("My voice, my opinion," Voice of The City by Trayvone Clayton, February 1). I am sorry you had to experience that kind of behaviour. Hold your head high and keep moving forward. Things are changing, slowly but surely. I am a 63-year-old white man and feel nothing but pride in young people like yourself making positive changes. The goal is getting closer every day. I wish you the very best.
—posted by canadiantom


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