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Letters to the editor, July 10, 2014

These are the letters and comments from the print edition

Bike patriotism

As councillor Jennifer Watts has pointed out before, this isn't a cars vs. bike issue ("Halifax needs protected bike lanes," Reality Bites by Uytae Lee, July 3). Making cycling safer and encouraging people to switch would benefit those who continue to commute by car or otherwise operate a car. Namely, with more people cycling there are less cars on the road creating those insufferable bottlenecks and there's a better car-to-parking spot ratio.

Bikes are good for motorists, and there's great data on how cycling can provide huge health benefits to our society---helping us live a longer, healthier life, as well as removing a cost and burden from our health care system. So, let's do the patriotic thing--- advocate for more cycling and protected bike lanes in our city! —posted by Nyima at

Howe, now

Lyle Howe is an adult. The "two white men" facing charges in the Rehtaeh Parsons case are children under the age of 18. El Jones doesn't know what evidence the police have in that case ("The colour of justice," Reality Bites by Hilary Beaumont, July 3). A few people marching in support of Lyle Howe do not represent "the black community."—posted by Joeblow

I was interested to see a comment on the Lyle Howe support Facebook page thanking The Coast reporter for her "respectful" article. I've been following that page. Nobody there respects anyone outside of their own little self-serving group. They call sexual assault victims liars. They discuss the victim in this case in terms of her weight and her mental health. They call the jurors in this case stupid. Start showing some respect for your fellow citizens, Lyle Howe supports, before you expect respect from us. —posted by Dinah Brand

Pest control

Leave him alone ("Former mayor Peter Kelly's new career?" Reality Bites by Kyle Shaw, July 2). You're all a bunch of middle-aged yuppie fucks who want the attention of the young people you wish you used to be when you were young. —posted by Daniel Abraham

Multiple microlenders

Great article and we regularly donate to Kiva ("Nova Scotians microlend a hand," Voice of the City by Thom Fitzgerald, July 3). Please also check out Chalice, which is local, who do the same. Both are wonderful organizations! —Cheryl Gallant, via email

Unconventional Watts

Dear Jennifer Watts,

I am writing to thank you for voting no to the proposed convention centre. This Halifax citizen is 100 percent behind you. The requirements for a successful downtown include affordable housing, public transit and walkable neighbourhoods with schools, shops and parks. Halifax is an old sea salt city with a history worthy of enhancement. Smaller, old-style buildings would promote our heritage and our tourist industry.

There is no do-or-die moment in city building. Halifax is not suited to large modern glass structures. The sun has set on the era of conventions. The proposed convention centre is the wrong building in the wrong place. It will join a list of others operating at a steady loss, requiring a forever supply of taxpayer money just to stay open.

Years ago leaders stepped forward to stop the highway building at the Cogswell Interchange. Now Jennifer has the courage to say no to another lost cause. Cities are built continuously and thoughtfully to remain vibrant interesting places. Let the people of Halifax vote for projects that are needed. Lead on Jennifer, we are with you. —Claude, via email

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