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Letters to the editor, May 28, 2015

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Editor's note: Last week's "Fuck you, Nova Scotia" letter inspired a massive conversation in the comments section at our website. The following tiny sample is from responses that received the most likes. For loads more, just search "fuck you nova scotia" at

We are with you

The guy who wrote the letter isn't saying he's entitled to anything. I bet he's worked damn hard for his diploma. He wants to stay here, but the cold hard truth is Nova Scotia is driving people away. —Film girl

In the latest budget the government took direct aim at out-of-province and graduate students. I was, until graduation this spring, both. I took this as a message from the government of Nova Scotia that I was not seen as a contributing resident to this province, but as a cash cow to be milked. So Nova Scotia, even though my fiance is from Truro and I would love to stay here, we, like the original poster, are reconsidering our turbulent relationship with you. For all those attacking him, perhaps you should question why your province is losing so many of its young people. It's not because an entire generation is entitled, it's because they are fed up. —jnwil

I am a single mom who works a job and a half to maintain a home for two teens and it is damn hard to make it here. We DO get taxed to death. We DO have crazy power costs. We DON'T get help when the banks do (while they make record profits). My kids miss me, and I take care of my parents who have serious illness. I see no hope in things getting better. They need more care, I need to work, my kids need money for schools that are nearly impossible to imagine paying for. —Nancy Cassidy

When I immigrated to Halifax in 2005, I fell in love with the city instantly. The history, the heritage it holds, the people—all fantastic and cannot ask for anything better. But business wise, the province does not allow you to really grow that much. Why is Halifax, being the second-largest port city in the world, look like a village when you land there? Absolutely zero growth, zero progress, zero improvement. —Canadien

This province is shit, yet I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. Why? Because my whole fucking family is from here. So for all you people living comfortably with your career in Nova Scotia, be fucking considerate to the probably 65 percent of youths struggling to get their foot in the door. —Jacobtwotwo

You may make more on your income taxes out west, but you'll also pay more for housing, insurance and medical. The oil industry is crashing and with it so many others. Your provincial government is no different from ours. We've been promised tuition cuts only to have them skyrocket. The government says they'll look after our environment, right after they pillage it for oil and water to make their pockets fat. The whole system is fucked. —JWin

I've been gone from NS for 20 years and it was the best decision I ever made. Once you leave, it's easy to see the issues with Nova Scotia. You have to take the "Bluenose pride" blinders off to see and understand that places of prosperity, growth and opportunity do things completely differently. There are many successful people all around the world from Nova Scotia who left and created growth and prosperity—THOSE are the people the NS government should be searching out and asking to return and help fix the province. Instead, Nova Scotians make fun of these people for leaving and treat them as outsiders, when those are likely the only people who would truly give a shit what happens to the place where they were born. —ExPatty

I moved to the Yukon almost two years ago. It was a very hard thing to do. Leaving behind my family and friends, but I now live a much better quality life, have a great job and get the wage I deserve. Here's to hoping our beloved Nova Scotia changes for the better someday, hopefully soon. —Thomas Penney

My biggest concern is that those who do take steps to a better future are not rewarded in NS. Ultimately my goal is simple: work away for as long as needed so that someday I will be able to return. Until this time, I will throw on my Gucci shades, tailored suits and drive in luxury waiting for my home province to catch up to the rest of this country. —MrD


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