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Letters to the editor, November 30, 2017

These are the letters and comments from the print edition.


Density creeps

The Centre Plan is designed precisely to prevent density creep into residential neighbourhoods ("So does the Centre Plan exist or WTF?" The City article by Jacob Boon, Nov 23). By making clear rules about where density should go (downtown, corridors) it also makes it clear where density shouldn't go (established residential neighbourhoods). Right now there is very little provision for density anywhere, so developers just ask for it anywhere they happen to own property, and council says, "yeahhh, I guess here is as good as anywhere," so you end up with towers on Wellington Street. With Centre Plan it'll be much easier for council to say, "sorry bro, we quite clearly allow density on Quinnpool so take your tower there instead of trying to force something through on the side streets."
—posted at by hipp5

So you live on the peninsula and want to live next to a high rise? Is that it? This will happen with the so-called Centre Plan. Density creep into peninsula residential neighbourhoods is just bad planning and a big tax grab to pay for suburban sprawl. Enough crap from the development stooges on this HRM council. We need a new form of municipal government that will give city residents more protection from bad high-density development. —posted by Peter Ewert1

Assault & AFCOOP

The Nov 16 post by Tara Thorne at, "Sexual assault allegations at Atlantic Filmmakers Co-Operative," included the contents of confidential emails between an anonymous woman (claiming to have been sexual assaulted by an AFCOOP staff member) and the director of AFCOOP. By what right was Tara Thorne permitted to make public the contents of these emails? She also announced that AFCOOP's popular annual Christmas event was cancelled before the members themselves received the news!

Her article poured paraffin on the fire, and caused a number of arts organizations to quickly cobble together their own policy regarding sexual harassment and sexual assault. In a statement circulated Nov 24, these organizations act as both judge and jury on AFCOOP's supposed failure to resolve the issue without having the full facts of the case at their disposal.

I feel strongly that arts organizations of all disciplines should come together to support each other in times of crisis and show compassion rather then pointing fingers and self righteously dictating what actions should be taken by the organization in crisis.
—Violet Rosengarten, Halifax

Health care hell

Health minister Randy Delorey was in the news a few weeks ago responding to dozens of cases of abuse documented at long-term care homes. But despite what he says, the long-term care system is not working. I believe minister Delorey lacks empathy and is completely detached if he believes it's OK when the elderly and other residents are wasting away waiting for long periods of time in their own feces to be cleaned, are subject to bed sores, experience resident-to-resident or resident-to-staff violence, get one bath a week and face $5 a day meal budgets resulting in low-quality nourishment. They often suffer neglect and abuse, with some ending in death, often resulting in investigations that never come to fruition or closure for families. The elderly have been experiencing this kind of existence for decades in long-term care facilities and it looks like it will continue to happen despite the creation of the Protection for the People in Care Act that does not seem to have the teeth to protect the elderly for whom it is intended.

Keeping people in their own homes longer is not the answer either. Caring for a loved one who has become severely disabled requires lots of time, money and energy, often resulting in the caregiver to become disabled themselves, left in poverty or die. It takes an emotional toll. Quite often families split up trying to care for a loved one. No, mister minister it is not working, by any stretch of the imagination. Long-term care needs more, better trained staff and funding. —Gary MacLeod, Halifax

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