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Letters to the editor, November 7, 2019


Crown posse
The so-called leader of this province has been against all types of unionized public servants of NS. He has bullied the teachers and the medical services completely into submission. Now he has dealt a blow to the Crown lawyers of Nova Scotia.

I truly support the lawyers. Here is a fine group of highly educated professionals who want a fair salary. I never realized how poorly they were paid. These lawyers spent a lot of time and money to get the degree they worked so hard to get.

I wouldn't be a bit surprised to see a fair number of the Crown lawyers drop their picket signs and pick up their suitcases and leave this province. They have nothing left to lose. They have their law degree in their back pocket and can leave for greener pastures. I am sure there are several provinces that would hire them in a heartbeat. Crowns, stick to your values and original contract. —John Fennell, Westphal

A Lebanon for all
Amazing read ("There's a revolution happening in Lebanon," Voice of The City by Zoë Lawen, October 31). Keep up the fight!! So proud of you.— posted at by Katia Nasr Khoury

Use the Forces
One would think in this day and age, political discourse might be more centred on how we can help our world together. We know natural and human-caused disasters are bound to occur. We see suffering all the time in the news. Canadians, in a position of relative privilege and wealth, are able to act to alleviate suffering in our world. Yet no one in a political leadership position is talking about this.

The meme I'd like to suggest is that we repurpose the Canadian Armed Forces and the Department of National Defence to provide assistance wherever it is required. Ever since the discovery of the Blue Marble in 1972 (the first photo of Earth from space) we've realized that the only bad guy out there is most likely us. Why is everyone flighting on such a beautiful planet? Repurpose the Canadian military as a force for compassion and everyone wins.

Policy: Canada is here to help. No longer acting like a kid brother, we've grown up and now accept our responsibility in the world.

Deployment: triggered by the anticipation of suffering in the world, whether it's easy to see in advance or is sudden and unexpected.

Procurement: focus on technology that enables rescue and humanitarian aid.

Harm reduction: No more PTSD and resulting multigenerational trauma.

Recruitment: if we're really here to help our world, our children will naturally jump on board. A way for Canadians to accumulate merit—the only real currency in this life.

Canada is at best a fiction. If you're going to craft a world-citizen national fantasy in the new millennium make it a fucking good one! Not a self-serving one that ignores the suffering in the world, and whose political leaders fight preposterous battles on how best to divvy up the taxpayer pie.— Ken Wallace, Halifax

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