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Letters to the editor, October 10, 2019


I stand with her

As a parent, this is what I'm witnessing in the picture people are painting about my daughter's participation in the Macdonald Bridge protest. I wasn't on the bridge that day because of personal health issues in my life, but what I am seeing in the days afterward is people looking for a character assassination. My child has a lot going on in her life. Momentum was set by circumstances and nobody is perfect. My teenage child is no different than any other teenager who is worried about a future with her cultural rights to have clean water, and water for her children for generations.

How many parents are real with their children today? No, we as parents are supposed to paint a perfect picture of life. Well I as a parent let my children see that this is their future, with corporations and government doing whatever they want to our lands. So I stand with my child. She was loud, but she did not swear or call names, she just gave options.
—Darlene Gilbert, whose daughter Kyra wrote this Voice of The City

Climate injustice?

To Laura Cutmore, who wrote the article about "climate injustice" in the wake of Hurricane Dorian (title "It doesn't have to be like this" in the print version's City section, September 19): Can you explain how any race was more affected by the hurricane? Let alone women, or Muslims. As far as I know we all had power cuts everywhere. Climate change awareness is very much a serious thing. What does xenophobia have to to do with it?
—David, Halifax

Laura Cutmore responds:
Thank you for your question. You're right that pretty much everyone in Nova Scotia was impacted by Hurricane Dorian in some way. And yes, climate change will affect us all. But how we are affected, and how easy or challenging it is for us to deal with the climate crisis, are very much influenced by factors like race and gender. The impacts of climate change are felt more severely by those who have fewer resources to cope with things like flooding or power outages. This means that low-income folks—and racialized people, Indigenous people, women, 2SLGBTQ+ people and people with disabilities make up disproportionately high percentages of those living near or below the poverty line—are less able to buy supplies to prepare for disasters or replace food lost to the power outage, and are the most destabilized by losing work days due to the storm. The Migrant Rights Network has a primer with great resources that explain more connections between racism and climate change, and why migrant justice is climate justice (read it here). Climate change is an unprecedented crisis, and it's so important that we work toward solutions that ensure we all have the resources and support we need to weather storms.

Go ahead and cut

Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer has taken heat from the chattering class elites for pledging to cut foreign aid by 25 percent. We can all agree that many nations are mired in poverty, with living conditions that can only be described as worse than deplorable. Foreign aid ought to continue for poor nations whose governments have the integrity to direct the aid to those truly in need, instead of lining their own pockets.

But all of this notwithstanding, cutting foreign aid has merit if appropriately targeted. For example, I recently read that Canada contributed $7.1 million in foreign aid to Red China last year. This is an oppressive Communist totalitarian regime that is not only choking us economically, but holding innocent Canadians hostage. Talk about a policy reeking from the stench of appeasement.

It doesn't get better. Last year, Canada also contributed $5 million to North Korea, right up there with the worst of totalitarian regimes, and $4 million to Iran, a state sponsor of terrorism, with expansionist aspirations, plus a commitment to destroy Israel. For good measure, Vladimir (Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti) Putin's Russia received $200,000 courtesy of the Canadian taxpayer. Much can be shaved from our foreign aid budget if financial support to these and other like-minded nations is eliminated.
— Kris Larsen, Halifax

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