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Letters to the editor, September 20, 2018


Word to the wise

On Instagram, Scott Jones (@scjns) made a very good edit to the text on last week's cover, which featured Scott Jones. He's absolutely right that we should have called him a "documentary subject and hate crime survivor" rather than a victim. We botched that one, and we're sorry.

Rocky's road

I read Jacob Boon's article "Petition to rename Cornwallis Street delivered to city hall," which says "over 1,700 online signatures and 60 area residents want the controversial north end street's name changed to Rocky Jones Boulevard" (Reality Bites story, posted at September 14). The Rocky Jones part of the new name is great, but that street is so not a boulevard.

From Wikipedia: "In modern American usage [boulevard] often means a wide, multi-lane arterial thoroughfare, often divided with a median down the centre, and perhaps with roadways along each side designed as slow travel and parking lanes and for bicycle and pedestrian usage, often with an above-average quality of landscaping and scenery." posted at by Mrs. Landingham

Rocky Jones Road hits my ear just like fine jazz. Hal Donner Forbes Street is another I'd like to see, second in priority to Rocky Jones Road. Hal restored and rejuvenated many derelict and depressed buildings in the north end to return it to a pre-Explosion appearance. —posted by Carrots

Running to ruin

I am writing to complain about the annual Maritime Race Weekend that, thanks to rising numbers, is imposing more and more problems for those of us who live along the race route, particularly Shore Road and all its side streets that can only exit the area on Shore Road. Thanks to Maritime Race Weekend, last Friday night we left extra early to make it to an important engagement, only to be met by a completely uninformed volunteer who blocked us from leaving for a further 20 minutes PAST the time that Shore Road (our ONLY exit) was supposed to be opened because THEY were late in starting.

And thanks to Maritime Race Weekend, my husband had to get up extra early (after getting home late last night) to get to his own important volunteer job before the road was blocked off again. And thanks to Maritime Race Weekend, I had to take my dog out for his morning walk early enough so he could walk in his own neighbourhood before being assaulted by the multitude of runners that completely freaked him out last year. And thanks to Maritime Race Weekend, we get to hear people cheering and ringing their stupid bells early enough on Saturday morning to prevent us from having our normal sleep in.

Not only do runners and volunteers think they own the side of the road we're supposed to be allowed to drive on, but homeowners and businesses in the area have to put up signs so people don't park in their PRIVATE parking areas. Although that doesn't stop people from parking badly on the side of the road, all the way down to Howard Street near Tim Hortons.

I don't know who invented this ridiculous race but hey, people LIVE here in Eastern Passage and the traffic and parking problems make it completely obvious that we cannot safely and comfortably accommodate the rising number of people who invade us every year. Whatever "benefit" they bring to our community, it's nowhere near enough to make up for the detriment. Christine Hulme Colin, Eastern Passage

Claws for concern

Those of us land-locked Canadians who love seafood are extremely disappointed. My family ordered several dozen live lobster for a special occasion, paying expedited shipping thru FedEx to get it to us on time. But instead of live lobster on Friday, we were delivered dead lobster the following Monday. Party spoiled, lobster spoiled. The Halifax-based fishery refuses to refund our money. FedEx says it refunded our costs to the fishery. The fishery refuses to refund this money as well. We don't blame the fishery for the lost lobster, but the shipping costs should be refunded to us. They did not pay it, we did. This happened over a year ago now. We have been asking nicely for our shipping costs to be refunded to us to no avail. We will never order live seafood ever again, and are making a point of informing everyone we know of this situation. Hopefully it will save many other people the grief that we have been shown. Donna Melenchuk, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

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