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Letters to the editor, September 21, 2017

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Getting rights right

The glow is wearing off of prime minister Justin Trudeau and his "sunny ways," a new Toronto Sun poll shows. It was easy for the government to say they support the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, but when it comes to implementing this into law, all indications are that the Liberals will soon vote against legislation to do just this (Bill C-262). Oral understandings affirm that Indigenous peoples have occupied their homelands since the beginning of time. As one great warrior has stated, "Lies written down on paper do not make them true for anyone." —James MacNeil, Fairview

Share the Dube

It occurs to me that there is one very important bit of information missing from your article "Developer slams former planning chief over perceived snub" (Reality Bites post by Jacob Boon, August 30). We have lots from opinions from Danny Chedrawe, the developer, and some from a Coast interview with Bob Bjerke, the former chief planning officer, but not a peep from the municipal CAO, Jacques Dube, who actually fired him. As citizens and taxpayers, we deserve an explanation from Mr. Dube. If the facts are has been reported—that Dube fired Bjerke because developers' demands were not being satisfied fast enough—then this city has a huge problem.

I imagine if we ever hear from Mr. Dube or council on this matter, we will be put off with the usual "this is a personnel matter." Sorry, that is not good enough. The whole planning department has been thrown on its ear, and we need to know why and what the future looks like. —Beverly Miller, Halifax


Regarding your "Halifax will try to 'wow' Amazon" story, my sense is that Amazon wants a very large centre like Toronto, but I doubt if the American government will let this opportunity go to anyone but another American city (Reality Bites post by Jacob Boon, September 8). When you mentioned the mayor's "wow factor," all I could think of was how much the province and HRM would spend for this longshot. Reminds me of the visions the politicians were having about the Commonwealth Games. —posted by Peter Ewert at

Sub love

I hope Rick Baker keeps Kaiser's Sub & Sandwich Shoppes running for a long time to come ("Kaiser's, king of subs," Food review by Melissa Buote, September 14). I've been getting subs from that place since 1979, and it's good to know there's at least one business left that keeps consistency as a number-one priority. Thanks Rick. —posted by Jeff Kidson

Been going to Kaiser's for as long as they have been there! As a matter of fact, when our son moved out west he stopped at Kaiser's for a sub to take on the plane, and whenever he came home for a visit, his last stop on the way to the airport was Kaiser's. Still make the best subs! —posted by cole

Large cold cut, no pickles, hot! (Since 1976.) The best! —posted by Frank Boutilier

The best subs you will ever find. My family and I have been going there since 1977, and Rick is usually there to take my order. Pease don't ever change anything, it's all perfect just the way it is. —posted by Michelle Campbell

Thank you Melissa for the generous review. It makes me want to eat here!

I would like to clarify a major point. It's not your omission but my neglect in telling you. I don't know how I managed that.

I am not the original owner. Robert Steele started Kaiser's in Sackville in 1976. I came on the scene in 1978. He left in the very early 1980s.

However, I would be the person responsible (for better or worse) for the "reset" of the company and the subsequent changes to it, from when he left to the present time. —posted by Rick Baker, owner, Kaiser's


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