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Letters to the editor, September 3, 2015

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It's not fair, but...

I have expressed something via Facebook that I would love to share with your paper, to raise awareness with a wider audience. Recently one of the best people I know and love was subjected to outright violence for being perceived as gay at the exhibition in Middle Musquodoboit. Furthermore, the police on site asked us to "go back to the city where people are more accepting," as it was our responsibility to leave in order to "keep the peace."

This. Is. Not. OK.

I spoke with some of those involved, challenging them to think critically about what happened, and heard statements like "that's the way things are around here" or "it's not fair but...." I worry someone would need to be hurt before we would have been taken seriously. How far does it have to go? No one should have to fear for their safety for being their authentic selves.

I don't wish to spread hate or create divisions between people, but REFUSE to stand by and simply observe this sort of behaviour and the ingrained "that's the way it is" messaging. It may be this way right now, but it doesn't have to be. Every moment that comes our way provides us with an opportunity to make a choice, and I hope that the next time these folks have the opportunity (sorry, the privilege) to be in proximity to an LGBTQ* person, they will choose differently. And hopefully the police will choose differently when they're confronted with victims of violence.

My friend is physically fine now, and for that I am thankful. Please, if you see something that isn't right, do your best to stand up for those who need it. —Tia Larkin, Halifax

Know comment

Since when does a comment on a guest writer's op-ed piece become a Letter to the Editor? (Comments and letters about the August 20 Voice of the City, "The bullshit cultural milieu of medical marijuana," were published in this sapce August 27) Look: if no one is writing you, no one wrote you; it's dead. But to usurp comments from various sources is just poor journalism. How sad for you. —posted by Charlie Brown at

Editor Kyle Shaw responds: Since when? On a quick search of The Coast's print archives, the earliest example I found was a comment from Linda Hulme Colin that was published in the June 26, 2008 edition of the newspaper. So, for more than seven years.

Harper's got mail

After reading media reports and following all the issues with Canada Post's community mailbox deployment over the summer, a couple of things strike me as odd. First and most important to all of us as taxpayers, is how this has all been done without any consolations with the public. I mean real consultations. I was pleased to see the mayor of Montreal take a jackhammer to a planned community mailbox construction site. Good for him, and he is doing what more elected municipal leaders should do, because sometimes enough is just enough.

We need jobs, and since Canada Post is profitable, let's keep daily door-to-door mail delivery. Do you really think we can afford to lose public-sector jobs or build a sustainable economy in tough times with fewer jobs? In the case of Canada Post, they are not cutting because Canada Post is losing money. And Stephen Harper and his local MPs seem to think it's OK to do that stuff without any discussion with the community whatsoever. Lately we've learned that the CEO at Canada Post has been reappointed to his job—and his $500K salary—in the middle of an election when we technically don't have a government. How much will it cost us to dump him after the election? —Danny Cavanagh, president of CUPE Nova Scotia


In last week's article "Unionized coffee shops grind out a future," by Michelle Cameron, Service Employees International Union Local 2 representative Sam Krawec's last name was mistakenly published as "Tralick." Also in that story, due to an editorial oversight, Just Us! union organizer Charlie Huntley was referred to improperly—they prefer gender-neutral pronouns. The Coast has corrected the story online and sincerely apologizes for the errors.


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