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Letters to the editor, September 4,2014

These are the letters and comments from the print edition

Fare use

I don't feel that forcing cab drivers to never refuse a fare is fair ("Halifax taxi turns to tech," The City by Hilary Beaumont, August 28). They drive their own cars, which means if a passenger gets sick or damages the car, then the driver is responsible. Sure there are small fines in place but the guilty party doesn't have to immediately pay a fine, whereas a driver would need to have the vehicle cleaned immediately as well as losing all fares for the duration. There are also many undesirable locations a driver wouldn't want to drive a fare to, especially after midnight. It should be at the driver's discretion. Anyone in the hospitality industry can say no to serving people, so should cabs.

Installing video cameras will do nothing except record the drivers getting assaulted or robbed. Metro Transit already learned this. Maybe the drivers should have a cage provided for their safety. That certainly would have helped Metro Transit drivers more than the video cameras did. Even your reference for this article ends it by saying she isn't sure how effective they would be in cases where cabbies drive off the books to make extra cash. Maybe that's the problem that needs addressing.;posted by Nukka at

They could use the roof light properly if they wanted more customers. posted by golocal

All this technology on the horizon and they still can't seem to take credit cards. posted by lonelydwightfrye

Population density

Er, Halifax doesn't have a "dwindling" population ("We need people," Q&A with Mike Savage by Jacob Boon, August 28). The city's population is increasing, last anyone checked. There's so many actual negatives to worry about in this city. Let's not try and invent any additional ones. W.

So, the incentive for people to stay in Halifax is...we want them to? There are no jobs for young professionals, the heart of the city is dying, and rent downtown (both residential and commercial) is completely out of proportion to potential income.

Well, if this is the mayor's plan I may be the next person to head to greener pastures. I love Halifax but there are only so many friends I can lose to other cities. posted by Jessica K

Halifax's population dwindling? That mystifies me, considering all the new condos, apartment buildings and subdivisions that are being built in all of HRM. And they seem to get occupied fairly quickly.

Let's also dispose of one 20th-century notion: that population growth equals economic growth. The majority of countries in the world have disproved that idea. What matters is education, and higher productivity and higher individual wealth. It's the traditional industries that foster the idea that the more people you've got, the better off we all are. That's not the case. Not if most of them are struggling to make ends meet. posted by Realist in Dartmouth

Face it, for too many years we have chosen as a whole to have smaller or no families. So we look towards others outside our country to fill our apartments, buy our large homes and cottages and provide income for the Canada Pension Plan.

Well, until more support is given to the family unit that makes it more attractive to have children, nothing will change for the better. For starters, all those who wish CPP over 60 in retirement should have clawbacks (if) they did not have at least one child to replace them in the work force? Start there. Whatever Halifax does will never on it's own be enough. posted by Tanman

Haligonians need to put aside the stereotypes and look at the real facts about life in this city. Real fact: It's pretty good. posted by pigeon


In our August 28 issue, we mistakenly credited the costume design of Shakespeare by the Sea's production of The Merchant of Venice to Nicole Dowdall, when the design should have been credited to Cathleen McCormack. We apologize for the error.

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