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Letters to the editor, September 5, 2013

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Breakfast options

That little box Adria Young wrote about breakfast places in Halifax for the Back to School issue ("Breakfast specials," August 29) was missing a pretty stellar breakfast option. Norbert's Good Food is down in the Seaport Market building. It uses great local ingredients and organic produce from its farm Selwood Green. And it makes super-tasty food all week. I think it's easily the best breakfast place in town.—Trevor Cervelli, via email

Optional bus stops

I am a cyclist, a pedestrian, a driver and occasionally a transit user. Recently, I made arrangements to leave work early so that I could catch a bus to Bayers Lake. I was at the bus stop 15 minutes early, to be sure to not miss it, as the schedule was tight to meet my appointment. Several buses used the route and I stood back on the sidewalk for the ones I did not need. When the bus I needed was coming, I stepped up to the curb, and watched it fly by without even hesitating to stop.

I was shocked ( stunned, angry...). I then proceeded to hail a cab as I did not have much choice to get where I was going at that point.

A call was made to HRM to file a complaint, which I followed up on August 20, having not heard from anyone since August 6. The answer was not satisfactory so I spoke with the Metro Transit representative directly. At the end of the conversation I felt the situation was even less resolved. I want to know that this will not happen again to another passenger. I want the driver to have an incident on their file. I was told that it is not the responsibility for the driver to stop at every stop (pardon me?) and that it was my fault that I did not wave at the bus.

I did state that as an occasional user, I was not aware that I was supposed to wave a bus down when at a bus stop.

I have always promoted the use of walking/cycling/transit to anyone who has listened. There has been more negative feedback for using Metro Transit than any of the other methods of travelling. If this is what happens on a regular basis, why would anyone want to use it? This has become an unlikely option for my trip-planning unless there is no time constraint–how likely is that?

Our transit system is a mess: many duplicated routes, not enough geographical coverage, not enough buses on the routes and drivers who decide whether they feel like stopping or not. I suggest the routes be overhauled entirely to many local loops, running at least every 30 minutes. The loops will meet up with other loops for quick transfers. Something similar to the Olympic circles. People do not want to wait, so if you know you can catch a bus every 15 minutes, it will be much more reliable.

That is, if the drivers actually stop for you.

Shari-Lynn Hiltz, Halifax

A cig in my beer

I am from Nova Scotia and reside in Alberta. While I was home for a visit I attended Weir Rockin' in Upper Sackville. I am 52 years old and could not believe what I experienced.

I went to have a cigarette in a designated fenced-off area and I had a can of beer with me. The security guard stopped me and she said I had to leave the beer outside of the smoking area. I found this very odd–others could bring in bottled water and coffee. So I set my beer can down on the table outside of the smoking area along with hundreds of others. When I came out of the smoking area I picked up the can and felt something in it. Lo and behold someone put a cigarette butt in my beer. (Thank goodness I did not take a drink.)

I asked the security guard why we had to do this she said it was either the Tobacco Law or the Alcohol Law that says you can't bring your beer in with you when you have a smoke, and added that Nova Scotia was the only province in Canada that enforces this law. This is absolutley ridiculous for many reasons (sanitary being a big one). The Nova Scotia government should pull their heads out of their ass and review this. —Darlene, via email

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