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Letters to the editor, September 8, 2016

These are the letters and comments from the print edition


Haters and hijabs

I'm reading Masuma Khan's story with tears running down my face ("The struggle of a Muslim woman of colour in Halifax," Voice of the City, September 1). I am sorry for the way she's been treated. And I am sorry this rhetoric has seemed to increase lately. I wish there was something I could do as a cis white female to share some of my privilege. I try not to ask ignorant questions, and I volunteer with ISANS (which doesn't apply to her at all, obviously). I allow my students to miss class without penalty for Eid or other religious observances. And when I pass people with religious head coverings, I try to use my biggest and most welcoming smile to counter the ignorance they will undoubtedly encounter. Is there anything else I can do? —posted by Wendy Walters at

I get it, there are stupid people out there who hate for a multitude of equally stupid reasons. If it wasn't Muslim it would be because you're Christian, too tall, too short, you have tattoos, have body jewellery, eyes too far apart, head too big, ass too big, hair colour, sexual orientation, gender, colour of your skin, etc. Do you get it? Stupid people gonna hate. If you look at yourself through other people's eyes, there will always be a reason to be a "victim," so stop giving a fuck what people you don't know think of you. —posted by Furious Poprah

Hijabs are a very new thing in Halifax. To many people it's a striking image they've seen only on TV and usually in some bad-news story. It should be no surprise that wearing one would make the wearer feel like they stand out as "different." Halifax has been a fairly white European-heritage city by the nature of immigration patterns, but it's changing a little at a time. Some day maybe hijabs will be less of an anomaly here. —posted by JohnvG

Reclaim the park

I recently learned that Point Pleasant Park is owned by the British government and leased to Halifax for the price of one shilling per year, with a 999-year lease. Would anyone else out there be interested in a public movement to ask HRM officials to require the British to donate the park to Haligonians or to sell it to HRM for a symbolic amount? —Dan Brown, Halifax

Fix Dartmouth!

Hardly a day goes by where something criminal hasn't happened in Dartmouth. I just moved here, and literally had friends from my small town question me about firearm protection and such. At first I thought, "You fools, the city is not violent like that." But the violence in Dartmouth and the surrounding communities is atrocious.

I do not live there. I will not pretend that I know what has to be done. The initial response is more police presence, but is it correct? Why not try investment? If the community is in need of assistance or infrastructure then should not our collective fund we ALL pay into—taxes—be used for this first? Every time I hear about a murder, accidental shooting or crime against someone for any reason at all, hateful or otherwise, I feel sorrow. Someone lost family. Someone lost life. Please, something must be done. —Dave, Halifax


In last week's issue, the City story "Under the dome" by Jacob Boon incorrectly identified spokesperson Julie Darnbrough's last name as Farnborough. We blame autocorrect, but nevertheless regret the error. The story also said the 50-foot dome was built by researchers at NSCAD, when it was only tested as a prototype at the university. We regret that error, too.

Also in the September 1 issue, Jonathan Briggins' "Off-campus athletics for the offbeat sports fan" story in the Back to School Guide short-changed the Anchor City Rollers. Where we said the roller derby league practises from May to September, it actually practices all year long in preparation for the May-September season. If you want to get involved, the next learn-to-skate program starts in January, and you almost certainly won't regret it.


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