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Re: Halifixes 2009

Want to know how councillors vote? Call them.



The article "Halifixes 2009" was a very well written and poignant article; one I very much enjoyed. I just have one small beef with one of the "fixes", it being the recorded vote. While I agree that citizens have the right and the need to know how their councillor is voting, I do not believe that a web site, or a binder is the fix for this situation. Has anyone ever thought about contacting their councillor to see how they have voted? In this modern age there is a multitude of ways to contact them: phone, fax, email, web sites, etc. Even more, do people know that they can contact their councillor to let them know how they feel on particular issues before there is a vote at council? I know that this would take some effort on the part of the citizens, but if you are that concerned with how your councillor is voting, why not be engaged and do YOUR homework on the issues; just as your councillor does. Let them know how you feel about the issues. Afterall, they are there to serve the citizens of our municipality and be OUR voice on council!

By Jonathan Hannam

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