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To the bouncers of Halifax:As a regular patron of many bars and establishments throughout Halifax, I find it ditrubing that many of the bouncers that I encounter are ignorant assholes with belligerant and egocentric attitudes. Although there are many kind and honest bouncers throughout the city, many dickhead, power-tripping bouncers still exist. Being a Maritimer, I take pride in the fact, when talking to friends throughout the country, that Maritimers are known to be friendly, hospital people. This construct become contradictional after a visit to some of the popular bars downtown. Some bars might as well spit in your face, kidnap your kids, and steal your girlfriend/boyfriend away from you with the amount of hostility that takes place by these lower-evolved species. I do understand, however, that enforcement must be somewhat necessary in dealing with crimes and violence, especially by drunken hooligans, but this does not permit the majoroty of the genreral public to be harrassed continually, as if they were prisoners in Guantanao Bay, with no right to an attorney. I feel optimisitc though, and hopefully one day these hard-ass lunatics will come to a more clear knowledge of respect and understanding for mankind. My rant seems to be through, thanks for keeping up solid issues week after week.

By Chill

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