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So, what's the debate of Sunday shopping really about, anyway? Is it really about pushing Nova Scotia into the 21st century, or about standing out? Is it about putting more money into the economy, or about not giving in to big corporations? Is it about being able to do things that can't be done the rest of the week, or is it about having a day of rest?Personally, I think it's all a load of bull. If we want to make Nova Scotia stand out, having the lowest crime rate is something to aim for, not being closed on Sundays. We already are at the mercy of big corporations now so unless you live in a cardboard box on a farm with your own farm animals that have been in your family since the 1800s, you've already given in and will continue to. And I don't know anyone that works 7 days a week.The issue of sunday shopping to me is just a bunch of bible pushers trying to control yet another aspect of everyone's lives. If it really was about having a day of rest, we would be pushing to close restaurants, buses, hospitals, and yes, even Tim Hortons, on Sundays. If you really believe people shouldn't be working on Sunday, don't work and don't even think about going out and taking advantage of someone else that is working on Sunday.That makes you a hypocrite.

By michael

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