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To the anti-abortionist extremists who were standing along Sackville Drive this morning I ask: Who do you think you are? Displaying your disgusting pictures for all to see...have you thought about parents with young children in their cars? Have you not any respect for others who may not share your beliefs? Fine, you posted on the first 'sign' a warning for motorists and pedestrians that there were graphic pictures ahead, but considering that's the only way I (and many others) have to get to work or wherever we may be going, how am I supposed to avoid these things? I am extremely disgusted to say the least. You fanatics live in a 'ideal' little world obviously since you take such a strong and unbending stand...have you stopped to consider what might be going on in a woman's life when she has to consider abortion? Do you think she likes to be haressed by the likes of you telling her she's a murderer, when perhaps this is the 'best' option in her situation? Yes, you say adoption, adoption, adoption, or whatever other option you say is there, but stop and think for two seconds that your options may not be the best of every woman. We finally live in a society where women can choose, so take your opinions and wait til someone chooses to seek you out, don't bombard people with your tactics, not giving others a choice not to view your propaganda. Wake up you thick skulled nimwits and learn some tolerance for others and their choices and stop ramming your choice/opinion down my throat and whoever else had to witness your spectacle today.

By Robyn Bradbury

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