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To whomever it may concern...

I am absolutely irate with a certain property that University Living owns. It is disgraceful! I can't believe that they are getting away with what they are!

To start with, the property in question, is a four level home (including attic and basement) which they rent to a total of 18 people! One apartment, the top floors, houses 8 people. The bottom apartment has 9 tenants. They charge each of these people $450 if you live in the basement or $500 on any other floor to live there which includes a room with internet and cable. Each of the two apartments has two bathrooms, a kitchen and a common area. The tenants do not know one another when moving in, as they rent the rooms seperately. They have cleaners come in once every two weeks...they do a terrible, terrible job and complain the entire time that they are there about the dirt...go figure, being they clean once every 14 days!!

The second issue tying in with the crowdedness...the lack of privacy. This property actually had an underwear stealer living there!! After months of finding that their underwear continued to go missing, it was unconvered that one of the male tenants had stolen more than 15 of the female tenants bras.

And on to the third, but not the last, issue. Some of the walls in this place are moldy! Doesn't mold mean that the house could be condemned? Apparently University Living ignores this as they have been showing the rooms to new wall is growing white fuzz while another is turning black. Many of the rooms have water spots growing on the ceiling since last September.

Finally, the last issue! Workers/University Living came into the house in November of 2005 and removed the smoke detectors! It is now August of 2006 and they have yet to be replaced!! They also have at least fire extinguisher which does not pass inspection!

Overall this property is disgusting... They shouldn't be allowed to rent this property at all! Its serioulsy bothering me that they are showing the rooms to new tenants when they have made no efforts to correct the problems that existed from last year!

By Disgusted Renter

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