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To the editor,

Now, we've heard for quite some time about people getting hit by cars, and all the trouble that follows. So, why does Halifax seem to have so many? Is it reckless drivers? I think not.

Who has gone to Montreal? I would swear drivers there aim for the pedestrians! Yet, they don't seem to have as many deaths/accidents with this as we do, even though they have a larger population and (seemingly) more "reckless" drivers.

So, what can we conclude? Gasp! Could it maybe be that Haligonian -pedestrians- aren't careful while crossing the street? No! I never would've guessed. I don't know how many times I've been in a car, and been forced to slam on the breaks because somebody ran out without looking! Whatever happened to our survival instincts? If there's a multi-ton hunk of metal going rather fast, you should be looking out for it, being that even though there are laws to protect you, it'll hurt you a hell of alot more than them.

Ok, I know this isn't everyone. I look everytime, and have still almost been hit by people on multiple occaisions. But you know why? It's called people coming in from normal cities who aren't used to the strange game of pedestrian oriented politeness.

Halifax is growing. Maybe it's time for pedestrians to start looking out for themselves, rather than expect the rest of the world to do it for them.

By Samuel Perreault

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