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“Facts 101” for the Anonymous Ranter;Hi there! Just HAD to give you my 2cents worth..heehee!First of all teenagers are not supposed to be getting pregnant,(Mom/Dad/Gaurdian(s) are responsible for enforcing this,) Personally I really do believe the whole ”You not having sex until you are 18 or moved out or whatever…” will NEVER work. Teens are going to have sex ANYWAY. The best parents can do, seriously, don’t threaten your children. Be calm. Explain to them the dangers of unprotected sex. Parents and schools should seriously be showing kids pictures of STD’s in full action. If I was 14 and someone showed me a picture of genitalia with herpes in full blown action…Chances are, I’d probably think twice about not ”covering up”. And most likely if their “babies” are being taken away it’s probably the best for the child. Everyone seems to forget. When you decide to have children, You will NEVER again be “number one.” (Well, a RESPONSIBLE parent would know and accept this.) Children are a HUGE responsibility; It’s a whole frickin human life for Christ’s sake. Not a DOLL! You want to provide them with all the opportunities in life that you can. Expose them to the world, instill morals and values in them, educate them every chance you get, and always, always be patient and loving! After a child is born it’s NEVER about the parents. It’s about what is best for the child. So, Mom, if your 16, still living at home, maybe dropped out of school, unemployed, maybe living with your b/f on Social assistance…Really, What kind of life can you offer your child..Also, A.R, are you the one who is lame? Silly rabbit, the QEII has offered “accessible abortion services” for YEARS!!! Goodness your little uneducated brain! All you have to do is go to your family Dr., tell him/her that the pregnancy is unwanted and Volia!! A couple weeks later you will be at the QEII for 7:30 am. And out by noon. No babies. No problem! Abortions are 100% safe and almost 100% painless.(you even get your choice of painkillers/morphine like drugs so you don’t feel a thing! There are countless women who have had MANY, Sometimes…over six! Yep I said it and it’s true. And can still have children later in life with no problems…Physically. Morally, emotionally, well that’s something you have to deal with personally. Also, A.R, you are just ranting without purpose. You jumped from subject to subject. Are you bitching about pregnant teens or kids getting arrested for graffiti, Scatter brain!

By M. Oakley

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