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Some people say you can't fight city hall or buck the boss. In a democracy, this isn't true. You can & this is what unions were initially meant to be for. Nowadays, it’s all about the all mighty dollar and workers who are unionized have become lazy, abusive with their so call union rights and could care less about the fact that every time, they walk out to protest what they call unfair treatment by their employers, it cost the non-union hard working Canadians more tax dollars for what we all know is simply greed.

It makes me laugh when I hear any of our levels of government make election promises to have more money “here more money there”, when we all know that a large % of that is to prepare for incoming walkouts by some of these over payed and under work employees.You can all go on saying the Union is there in case your company or department merges, or is acquired by someone else. New management then moves in and decides you're through. They want younger employees; it's the new company policy, or they want more efficient production and are installing some new automated equipment that eliminates the need for your job.

As part of a union, you have all of the following at your disposal, negotiators, lawyers, research specialists, and others who specialize in the arts of collective bargaining. You then try to convince every other hard working Canadian that, it’s all about peace, prosperity, security and dignity but nothing to do with money. For Christ sake, I don’t even think that the NHL Player Association, have that much ammunition at their disposal.

It’s extremely hard to justify why some union job’s are overly rated with regards to hourly rates. For example “a person working at the NSLC who is behind a counter, who’s job is to greet the customer, scan the product, insert it in a bad, take there money and which them a good day vs someone who works at a Grocery store doing the same thing but working 5 times harder but getting paid 50% less.

The same can be said with our 3 levels of governments. “Why should a Federal employee get paid twice than a provincial or municipal, doing the same exact job or duties?

The bottom line is, unions are getting to expensive for the average hard working Canadians to support.

Joseph GallantDartmouth NS

By Joseph Gallant

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