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Heroin Influx Accountability

Recently the RCMP released a warning that Afghan heroin is making its way into Canada, and is becoming an increasing threat to our people. Must we forget that the coalition countries have occupied this territory since 2001? These findings released by the RCMP are very interesting to those who understand the 2006 report numbers released by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. This really should come as no surprise to anyone who has done his or her research. However, to those who have not, these findings will probably start up the shameful “fear factor” that governments are so fond of doing these days. You see, by passively allowing this influx of heroin on the streets, it can create a sense of panic or urgency in the people. This in turn actively justifies a need for a more “martial law” like existence. And frankly, why would our governments not be justified? The majority of Canadians are obviously living in fear everyday of their lives anyhow. One can judge the rate of fear by seeing society’s ever-increasing need to try to control everything. Those addicted to this unjustified fear they are left with no choice but to rely on our governments to restrict our civil liberties, and implement more control over its citizens. However, to rely on our governments to provide this false sense of security comes with a price. Just ask the American people how they feel about the Patriot Act, and the newly passed Eavesdropping bill. By the way, both of these American policies directly affect us Canadians as well. Security gathered by scrutinizing the population is a very demeaning to those who enjoy living a free existence with civil liberties. A better way would be to rehabilitate all the people who live in fear, to live a spiritual life free of dysfunctional performance. It would also be refreshing to see our government spend more money rehabilitating those addicted to substances, and stop wasting ridiculous amounts of money in Afghanistan. It may be more the wise to spend the money to send everyone in the country a copy of John Bradshaw’s, “Healing the shame that binds you”. It may reach enough people to make a major impact on this highly dysfunctional society. Call it a conspiracy or call it an ability to see the truth, whatever. Our coalition governments and militaries must be held accountable for the influx of heroin on the streets of major Canadian cities. All of this nonsense could be stopped in Afghanistan, where more than 82% of world opium production is growing. Only doing something about it here in Canada or any other country for that matter is simply absurd.

Trevor DeBlockWindsor, Ontario

By Trevor DeBlock

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