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Today while reading your paper I noticed the headline about Dartmouth North teens having nothing better to do than be gangsters (or assholes, as some of us call them.) This is bullshit. I grew up in Newfoundland, Canada's poorest province, in a town with less than 900 people. There was nothing for us to do. I mean NOTHING. What did we do? We walked around, we engaged in some underage drinking, and later in life started smoking pot. Not once did I see a fight, not once did I hold a gun and never have I robbed or assaulted someone. What do the Dartmouth North teens need? A smack upside the head, some disipline and some morals. If they still smarten up, send the Sports Complex, and the Boys and Girls club, and the YMCA to small town around Nova Scotia. Take out the bridges going to Dartmouth and let they assholes kill each other off. Natural selection as they say...

By Fed Up With Excuses

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