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I was really mad about the method you used for voting for the Best of Halifax. Each house has only one IP address. So that means that only one person can vote per house. That also means that the rest of the people living in the house have to find another way of voting. Even voting at universities was difficult. I know someone who went to the Mount Saint Vincent University and tried to vote but could not, because someone else had already voted and she tried many many times to vote but was not able to. I also know someone at Dalhousie University who had the same problem. So I, voted at home. The rest of my family who like to vote and always vote could not, because I had already voted. This is the worst thing you guys have done. I know so many people who do not own a computer at home and could not vote because of the problem with the IP addresses. Their only method of voting was mailing their vote in and thats gone now. I've talked to many people and they are all really pissed at your new way of voting. Do you know how many votes you lost because of this?? Lot's I tell you, lot's. I am a big fan of The Coast and I'm a great supporter, but what you did was wrong and I hope I'm not disapointed like this next year.


By Ellie

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