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Cat Fight!

Wow, I’m going to sound like a Conservative Redneck, but I cannot wait until April 1st when war is declared on cats. Not that I am going to be out hunting them, but rather that I can finally do something about these two little feline fuckers that seems to start the circle of hell in my backyard. Finally Cats and Dogs are being treated the same way. How was it fair that cats got to do whatever the hell they wanted, but dogs had to be kept on leashes, in yards and properly restrained? I have two dogs that are in a fenced in back yard and never out between 10:00pm and 7:00am. The first time they bark, I bring them in because the neighbor is one of those assholes who will call the SPCA about a single bark. But I also have two cats for neighbors and an owner that doesn’t really care about what they’re out doing. Doing includes: -Destroying—not just shitting—in my garden. Tearing up plants and treating them like mice. -Running along the top of the fence (which is within my property line) and getting my dogs to chase and bark at them. Then my dogs are brought inside promptly because the neighbor has called and complained about two “barks” at 10:12am the first week I lived here. -Sitting on top of my shed and getting my dogs wound-up again, when again I have to bring my dogs in so the neighbor doesn’t call the SPCA. -Sitting on my deck, just fucking sitting there so the dogs can see them and bark. -Standing just on the other side of the rear fence (on city property) and meowing at the dogs, getting them pissed off again. So basically, my dogs suffer because the two cats are free to do whatever they want and my dogs love being outside and basking in the sun. But they spend most of their day inside because, well, the cats are almost always there. That’s right, almost. Almost being three out of four times that they are put out to do their thing, there is at least one of the two cats in my yard. Sitting and waiting for dogs to pick on. I’ve even talked to the neighbor about it several times and he plainly ignores me. I’m not saying that everyone with a cat is this irresponsible, and really don’t mind cats slinking around the neighbor hood but these two certain cats are getting trapped April 1st. I mean, these cats are going out of their way to be bastards and I got in shit with the SPCA because of them. The neighbor is one of those people who shouldn’t have animals in the first place and that a by-law like this should be directly concerned with. Not a cat that is just out for a stroll in its own back yard and not being a nuisance. I’m sorry Leslie that your cat has to suffer because of the other bad cat owners and because of idiot politicians still trying to figure out the difference between their assholes and their elbows. But maybe readers can understand that not every cat is not just in their own back yard like your own and if this by-law is used RESPONSIBLY it will help with people stuck watching cats damage their property with nothing they can do. I guess the whole point of this letter is to do what Leslie did in her article: give a face to the people being affected, the faces of two Border Collies that will finally be able to walk and shit in their own yard in peace. Sorry to all the people with cats who are responsible owners and that it is a few bad owners ruining it for everyone.

By Robbie Nauffts

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