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Nov 5/05 ~ Day 16.

I quit smoking 16 days ago. After many days of teetering mind loss, little by little I’m starting to feel somewhat like myself again. My boyfriend of 10 years has also kicked the habit and it’s probably one of the hardest tests this relationship has been thru.

It’s a beautiful Saturday with double digit temperatures, sunshine and vivid foliage. Ahhh. Myself and three of my favorite hiking buddies head out to York Redoubt for three hours of fresh air, a bit of a workout and a renewed feeling of resolve. We had a wonderful afternoon.

We return to the car rosy cheeked, laughing and looking forward to a big supper.

To the criminal who smashed my car window to steal 2 wallets and a purse, I want you to know :

After seeing my smashed window, if you had left the ten bucks in my wallet I probably would of bought a pack of smokes and felt horrible about failing, so I guess I should thank you for leaving me broke and saving me the temptation. The way I figure it I had so far saved a bit more than 80 dollars not buying cigarettes, so a few more days and I’ll have saved the 100 dollar deductible on my car window. I’ll have to put in some extra time at work to make up for lost time, but how could I expect you to know that my car is my office and I can’t work without my driver’s license. I’m sure you thought you were just doing your part for the environment. Please enjoy the 60 dollars you nabbed from my boyfriend, really it’s OK, we can pay that bill next month. I wonder what it will cost to replace all of our identification?

I hope someone on Chebucto Road caught you on candid camera trying repeatedly to decipher my PIN numbers. Obviously your degree in Rocket Science didn’t help with code breaking. I hope you bought a pack of smokes along with that tank of gas you pilfered, choke and rear-end a police cruiser.

Finally I really want you to know that I haven’t caved, my boyfriend and I can no longer afford to smoke.

Sincerely,A Haligonian.

By You already know my name

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