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are we putting TOO much pressure on our athletes to "own the podium?" because i've never seen an olympics like this one, where there are so many sore losers, throwing childish temper tantrums, being abusive and swearing at the judges, dissing their fellow olympians, etc. it's a shameful and disgusting display of poor sportsmanship.

i don't care what anyone says, MEDALS DON'T MATTER!performing your absolute best and being a good sport about it (win or lose) is the ONLY thing that matters, period.

and i am beyond annoyed by the media's hysterical obsession with medal counts... give it a rest already!

imo, the world has forfeited the true spirit of the olympic games for the sake of career olympians and corporate sponsors. the joy and excitement has been sucked right out of the olympics, at least it has for me.

By techcafe

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