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Xbox 360 (Microsoft Game Studios)


Limbo is a beautiful gem of a game and anyone with a 360 should buy some points and download it right now. Its creepy aesthetic and philosophical undertones are too much to pass up. At its core Limbo is a side-scrolling platformer--- a genre that has really taken off in the downloadasphere, but Limbo is like no other. It’s dark, frightening and twisted. You control a small boy who has to jump over bear traps, avoid giant spiders and other perilous obstacles. There is little in terms of plot, as you have no idea why this little boy is in this hellish darkness. You will die a lot, and it’s horrific every time it happens, but you use these as learning opportunities and eventually move on to the next act to find more beautifully designed levels. Limbo is one of the best experiences on the 360---I recommend turning the lights off and getting all creeped out.

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