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Re: “Dear Emporer of the Dartmouth Side Streets

This post made my day, can stop laughing.

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Posted by Little2a2000 on 03/21/2015 at 12:52 AM

Re: “Handouts, handouts, handouts

There are people out there that abuse the system I'll give you that. Is it really fair to group all People together. I do give to people all the time I do it for too reasons. One life happens and sometime things get out of control and I'm not talking about drug abuse or bad choices I'm talking about life in general. Job losses, family medical reasons, death, PTSD just to name a few I can go on and on. Everybody has a storie life can be really unfair at time. You don't know there storie so how can you judge them. I'll give you an example. True storie husband wife been together for over 20 years both worked all there lives had a little home some saving life was going good until she was diagnose with cancer. They spent every cent they had in finding and getting treatment for her. She could no longer work and he ended up lossing his job due to all the time off he was taken. Spent there whole saving and ended up selling there home. Three years later she died. He was left with nothing. Everything he worked for all his life was gone
He was devastated. He ended up on the streets asking strangers for change. Sometime things happen that are out of our control so instead of judging other always remember everyone has a storie. It could be you one day. Second reasons my mother always said to treat other as you would want to be treated that way you will sleep good that night doing the right thing makes me feel better. I don't always give money sometime I'll buy them coffee, food or just give them what I can afford at the time.

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Posted by Little2a2000 on 11/09/2012 at 11:47 PM

Re: “Canada's ocean wasteland

Born and raised in montreal. I 'm very proud to say I'm from Montreal. I have lived in Nova Scotia for the last 22 year. I have a sister that still lives in montreal. I have went home twice since moving here. I do have to agree with op there are way to many graveyards in Nova scotia The cost of living in Nova Scotia is higher then it is in Montreal. The food in Montreal is like no other they know how to cook. There is lots to see and do there as well. The last time I was in Montreal I could not believe how much it's changed and not for the better let me add. The subways are disgusting the smell of urine cigaret butts everywhere. I couldn't belive how rude the people were if you didn't speake French they were ruder. The pollution in the air the bridges that are falling apart and the drivers are crazy. When walking on the sidewalk at Atwater market a lady hit me with her car and then had the nerve to yell at me i was the one on the sidewalk. Everyone is in such a rush. In Nova scotia the air is cleaner the people are nicer and the province itself is breath taken. Living in both provinces I can say that Nova Scotia is the place I want to be for everything Montreal has the one thing it doesn't have are the people this province has. People in Nova Scotia are so friendly.

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Posted by Little2a2000 on 10/30/2012 at 11:36 PM

Re: “Stop setting me up with gingers

You could me missing out on a great guy. It's not what on the outside that counts. It what he's like on the inside that matters. So maybe you should take the time to get to know someone. sometime we don't always get what we want in life but we get what we need Open you heart and mind and you might be surprised at what you find

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Posted by Little2a2000 on 10/17/2012 at 8:29 PM

Re: “Ignorant loud hockey parents

What I'm saying is this I child's first role model in life is there parent. If they watch these so call parents yelling and screaming every time things don't go there way what does this teach them. Your right there are a lot of kids out there that don't turn out like there parents but there are also lots that do. If the kid grow up in a house when every time things don't go there way the yell belittle and throw a temper tantrum. Chances are the children think this is ok. This is why the world is so out of control we tolerate bad behavior instead of holding people accountable for there action.

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Posted by Little2a2000 on 10/17/2012 at 8:15 PM

Re: “Ignorant loud hockey parents

These are the parents of the kids that are bullies in our school. how are the kid support to know better when there parents act like idiots. These parents should not be allowed to attend the games maybe they need a time out so they can learn to play with others.

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Posted by Little2a2000 on 10/16/2012 at 10:32 PM

Re: “Workplace bullying

Ok like I said I have watched this go on they don't do this to me they know better. Not everybody can be as strong as you ob and that what these people go after they know who to bully and who not too. So the staff like me are trying to go thought the right channels to correct there action like adults that we are violents in the work place is not the ans it just lowers us to there standards when I was younger I would have punched them in the face and probably a lot more but I'm all grown up now so I act like an adult and try to make the right people see what going on in there organization so our coworker can come to work without worrying about what there going to do next and who the target is today. So before you go on about a topic you probably know nothing about I suggest you do some research as to how these people work and the type of people they go after no one asked to be bullied some people are just not strong enough or there self esteem is not good enough so they end up believing what the bullys are saying about them and that put them in a bad place mentally and physically. It seem to me that this world is getting worse we tolerate to much bad behavior we need to come together and let this world know bullying will not be tolerate in our schools or in the work place all the strong people like you ob can make a differnts if we stand as one for the weaker people who can't stand for themselves


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Posted by Little2a2000 on 10/01/2012 at 11:05 PM

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