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Lorelei Nicoll

District 4 (Cole Harbour - Westphal)



2014 grade: C+
2013 grade: B
2012 grade: C-
2011 grade: C
2010 grade: C
2009 grade: C-
Cell: 478-2705

Lorelei Nicoll is a decent person. Lovely, really. Polite to a T. The kind of person you want as a next-door neighbour, to watch your cat when you’re away. She is never offensive or combative, always courteous. We haven’t been to her suburban living room, but we’re picturing white carpets and floral arrangements, something from the Orient on the mantel, Ms. Manners on a bookshelf. All of which is to say she represents everything that is wrong with Halifax council. We don’t need cat-sitting nice people on council. We need the political equivalent of the belligerent novelist, the headstrong mountain-climber, the roller derby queen kicking ass. Nicoll has one of the most effective political machines on council, which we saw her use to great effect during the UARB hearings a couple of years ago. But what good does it do anyone to have political power and use it only to be a council mouse? Stake out a position. Call someone an asshole already. Get pissed off, throw a chair. Be someone.

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