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Re: “Irresponsible Brindi owner

I don't agree with you.This dog is suffering being in a cage and all those who think there was any offer to re home her are not informed properly.As most of you do not speak to this woman,nor know her personally, you do not know anything, about what she has tried to do for her dog.
You are a bunch of trigger happy people, whose only laugh of the day is to crucify a woman,who only wants to have her dog alive.
The people from her area,dispite the comments from the (so-called) residentsare all too happy to have her bring brindi home and continue with her training,which wasn't learning to shake a paw!
You all think you are do-gooders, but in fact you are hampering any chance of Brindi living.
The city wants her dead, read the documents properly from people who were actually in the courtroom!!

I will not respond to you pinkydo as you are the most hateful,foul person commenting throughout the entire story. I will not respond,I have had my say,I do not need the last word in, like an argumentative spoiled child
So go advocate to something you are able to do properly and intelligently

Posted by lover not hater on 03/18/2009 at 1:23 PM

Re: “Francesca Rogier v. The Halifax Regional Municipality-- excerpts

YOUR TWISTED REPLY!Shows your mental capacity.
Ok.... sounds good... EVERYONE, FORGET THIS DOG and her owner. withdraw all support for either of them. We are all tired and think there is much better things to do. Nobody cares ( esp lover not hater) about this dog... even said so.
You don't know me & I'm glad I don't know you, but I have a good guess as to your real identity.
I never once said forget this dog & her owner & withdraw all support!!!

That's your twisting words, Not Mine!!
Apparently"You"don't know the legal system!
To state so dumb.
( they are paid by the taxpayers no matter what case they are handling). They are NOT paid more because of this case.
I do know my taxes are being used , (as is every other person in the HRM)
to pay the procecuter's wages.I do know he is contracted to handle cases by the HRM!
I NEVER implied my taxes were used "especially" for this case, But they are being used ,specifically to procecute this woman to be able to kill her dog! WHICH I DO NOT AGREE WITH!
Don't worry, my feathers are intact& my nerves are fine
I have no fear of blood
I don't need a break,just got refreshed, to tackle some stupid ,twisted lies. Thankyou

You said it right here though.
I'll quote chosen words just like you.

"Yes Brindi should go to her rightful owner.... someone who can PROPERLY take care of Brindi..
Thankyou, so much!! That's very nice of you to support FR getting Brindi back with her.

By the way pinkydodo,I have no bosses.FR had NEVER& NEVER will lose her rights to this dog! Sorry to disappoint you!
You and your flock will know when Brindi is returned to her. LOL

Don't state porr Brindi,you have no idea what you people are trying to do.
The city wants her dead!!!
There is no offer to rehome her.
You people made this option up.
What part of the lawyers comments can't you read?
Oh,sorry, I see reading and comprehension, is beyond your scope of intelligent thinking.
Have a nice day.

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Posted by lover not hater on 03/10/2009 at 1:20 PM

Re: “Saving Brindi

cannot for the life of me,understand why this is spilling over into this comments box?
This is for comments not lashing out at people.This is for making comments which are truthful, not hateful,nor spreading gossip.

Statements like this
"As for the fence... sorry it is laughable. That fence MAY keep a Pom in but it WILL NOT keep Brindi. If she thinks for one second that will pass for a containment fence to pass with AC/ HRM she better shake her head."
How do you know the fence is sturdy enough.Are you a contractor?You know the building codes?
and this one...
"Getting people all riled up about the SPCA with lies and inuendos about Brindi's mistreatment etc. to further harassment is NOT COOL. Even the other day there was a post about SK( I know you know who that is). Like death threats wasn't enough already but now wanting more things to happen. SMART MOVE."
Now that's insinuating, that the "save Brindi" group sent death threats,without any proof from you at all! I, for one have never joined nor posted, in the release brindi group and have never said anything hateful or improper to anyone in any group.
As for LS, she was very hateful and copies of this hateful & libel posts were sent to facebook,that's how she got deleted.
Also in case she doesn't know,or any of her flock is misinformed about MS,
This disease is not deadly!!

I would ask here as well. Where is any information that the HRM is going to even consider allowing Brindi to be rehomed?
Did you ask Francesca,if she has approached them with this idea?
No, you must not have,because this is not what the city wants.
Last I heard, the lawyer for the city,wants this dog dead.
Also,where do you get all your "informed" & "firsthand" knowledge?
The information posted in release brindi are the posts,copied from the save brindi site.
I guess I'll be attacted next. HaHaHa

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Posted by lover not hater on 03/10/2009 at 2:58 AM

Re: “Francesca Rogier v. The Halifax Regional Municipality-- excerpts

Pinkydo,Most Important!!!
Don't assume you know what I say or think!!
How catty and hateful of you!
This is the same stuff & the same people,doing the same thing to Ms Rogier & her group. You must belong to the Release Brindi but... group.
The fact of the matter is that's all your group does!

I said, The city has put too much focus on this with their Determination on killing & keeping this dog in a cage!

Implying the city should be spending "MY TAX DOLLARS" on something more extreme!
Don't tell me it's not My tax dollars being used to kill this dog, because I know diffferently. Our taxes go to the municipality, which in turns decides how to spend our money.
This should include, keeping the streets (WHICH ARE NOT SAFE!) safer for people to walk or let their kids out to play,I don't mean from dogs!!
This is just not possible today & it's getting worse every year!
This whole case is about the HRM saving face and reclaiming all the money they are loosing trying to defend what they did,which was wrong!!
I'm not going to argue with you or anyone else from the hater group. I know what I know & know what I think.
So fill your life with hate & anger, if you so wish.I refuse to see the dark side of this case.
Brindi should have the chance to resume training with her "rightful" owner! She was never given enough time(1 year is not enough).
Have a great day. :)

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Posted by lover not hater on 03/09/2009 at 11:00 AM

Re: “Saving Brindi

The ONLY comment I read here that made any sense was made by Contessa.
Here's what she suggests......

I would like to see Brindi released to a trainer for a designated period of time. Time enough for Francesca to rebuild her house and a secure fence for Brindi. Then when she passes an inspection from Animal Control and the Trainer reports Brindi's made enough progress then let the woman have her dog back. As far as I understand Brindi has not shown aggression to people so to speculate Brindi ripping the face off a child is preposterous.

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Posted by lover not hater on 03/08/2009 at 1:49 AM

Re: “Saving Brindi

bulldaisymom,Thankyou for your information,but I have read the blogs and the court documents.The problem "is" both the SPCA and the entire bylaws.
I'm curious as to who wrote them? Aparently not an animal lover.
If Brindi is killed by the HRM, is that going to make everyone in the HRM feel safer????

They put pedifiles out to harm more kids,knowing they will re-offend again, but keep a dog that had a few fights with other dogs,locked up in a cage.
I know for a fact that the dogs are not walked nor groomed daily.This is cruel to each & every animal at the shelter.
There has to be a great divide between the two.They cannot co-exist!
Apparently too,I can read better than alot of people here.There were 3 fights with other dogs and no great damage was done.There are no pictures entered into evidence, so those people realy love their animals, don't they? I know if my dog was hurt ,I would be taking pictures of the wounds and give the vet evaluations to the city's lawyers.
I have 2 dogs myself , who fight territorial almost on a daily basis.One will never leave my yard, but one will take off at the blink of an eye.I live where my neighbours know he runs and "IS" an ankle biter,but have never called AC,(THANK GOD) for them. They know to back away and ignore him.He will run for hours and will run faster ,if we try to chase him.There is nothing anyone can do to catch him. He was saved from being drowned by a flea market seller.
I can tell you,he is worth every ounce of effort we have put into him. He is very smart ,he dances,he's delicate and dainty and can count and add, with showing him fingers.
He also howls at the moon as well for hours and nothing stops him.My neighbours have Never called the bylaw on that either.
because of these things my dog does.

I am appaled at the names being thrown around on a person,that most don't even know the circumstances!
You can read this & that, but unless you live it, you have no idea of what happened,except that this dog got into a few fights.She has never harmed an humans!! Isn't that what the HRM are trying to say? They want the public to feel safe.
Apparently 1 little dog can cause the whole of Halifax & surrounding areas to feel not safe.Hmmm...Sounds pretty stupid to me.
I make mistakes as did Ms Rogier, and I would do exactly the same as she has done.
I am so sick of the laws in our city and the lies told to make them right.

Halifax, NS is # 7 , as the most violent city in Canada, but ask the police, & the mayor, they'll tell you it's safe to walk anytime in the HRM.Just watch out for "BRINDI"!! Or maybe gun shots in Dartmouth,fall River, from a drive by or out in Spryfield at a pizza place.
My friend was robbed of her money, cell phone and Christmas gifts, just 4 months ago. Did you hear about that? No,because they don't want the public to know we have stupid placed laws which no one abides by and they convicts slip through the cracks. This mugger was never caught!
But because one woman makes a mistake or 2 or 3, she is scrutinized by everyone.
Get the city and the laws revamp and imply them in the right directions.

This whole story told here, made a point to tell of the conditions of her home. What has that to do with her Dog? It also says she was charged 3 times.Well from what I read, she's charged 1 time only!
There seems to be a lot of hate ceing directed at this woman, and I want to tell her I'm sorry for what my home city is doing to her and her dog.
To kill a dog is not going to make Halifax a better place to live.
This is the most rediculous case ever to come out of the HRM.

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Posted by lover not hater on 03/08/2009 at 1:45 AM

Re: “Saving Brindi

The SPCA is taking a middle position.They hold Killing animals in one hand- HRM laws and the mandate of the entire Society for the Protection of Cruelity against Animals in the other.
Seems they have to choose which one to help.If they were 2 seperate services,I would probably help the SPCA, but as it is,I will not help the city kill animals.
My mother had 4 oldlarge dogs and was dying of cancer, She always donated to animal shelters like bide awhile & the spca. She would not allow my dad to give the dogs away. We had to feed & look after them for over 6 mths.After she passed away, My father took the 4 well behaved, fluffy-just brushed, dogs to the SPCA to find homes for them and gave food,collars,leashes etc with them. He was told they would definaely find homes,as the dogs were beautiful and friendly.
My sister went in to check on the dogs every other day.One day(approximately 8 days) later, she went in and found all dogs gone. When she asked ,they said no one adopted them and the put them down.
As simply as that, these dogs deserved to be adopted and they never cost the SPCA anything, as my father gave them 2 (20kg) bags of food and dog treats.These poor dogs were killed for nothing, and had we known the SPCA would do this, we would have found homes for them ourselves.
Is this their mandate?I know it shouldn't be.

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Posted by lover not hater on 03/07/2009 at 11:38 AM

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