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Mind the Bullock

This year, the Atlantic Film Festival’s Outdoor Film Experience is all about Sandra Bullock. Team Coast helps you decide which important Sandy work to choose for the people’s choice August 15 screening.

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Here's a sense of what a real shitshow 1996 was: Even though Two If By Sea came out after Speed and While You Were Sleeping, when America was at peak Sweetheart re: Bullock, Denis Leary gets top billing. He also co-wrote the movie--- hence its mild homophobia--- which is a bad rom-com about a Boston thief and his girlfriend who are on the run and break into a Rhode Island mansion for the weekend. Rhode Island is played by Chester's most generic shorelines and piers, which was very exciting at the time; Bullock was on the cover of Vanity Fair that year, pictured in a rowboat "off the coast of Nova Scotia." Cute. Uncute is the balding British man who treats her better than Leary, who is either pantless or shirtless in nearly every scene, because 1996 was some bullshit. WHY YOU SHOULD VOTE FOR TWO IF BY SEA: Don't. Even if your dad was an extra. —Tara Thorne


The Proposal is about a beautiful Canadian woman who is also a very successful and highly respected editor, so naturally I first double checked to confirm that the movie wasn't a documentary about my life. I needn't have bothered. During the course of the most bizarre 108 minutes of cinema you can absorb, a small white dog is captured by an eagle, a woman who cares deeply about Louis Vuitton luggage hates shopping, a man is profoundly intimidated by his boss but can't keep from touching her ass against her will, Oscar from The Office holds every job in Sitka, Alaska, Betty White chants in the woods and wants to watch her grandson fuck. Get high beforehand. WHY YOU SHOULD VOTE FOR THE PROPOSAL: It's a lot more fun getting high with a group and watching this movie than getting high alone and watching it while eating two plain cake donuts with your cat (trust). --Stephanie Johns


A year after Sandy got into trouble with public transit in Speed she was being an obsessed weirdo on the subway track in While You Were Sleeping. As a parentless loner from Wisconsin who just wants a stamp in her passport, she spends her days collecting subway tokens, lusting over Peter (Peter Gallagher) even though he doesn't notice her, and spends her nights wearing bulky wool sweaters, eating Oreos and talking to her cat. Her delusion (which likely inspired The WB's Felicity) leads her to save Peter after he falls onto the tracks (and into a coma), and then mislead his family into believing she's his fiance because she just wants a family at Christmas, dammit. In true '90s fashion she winds up in a love triangle between Bill Pullman, who I always think is Bill Paxton, and a pre-OC Sandy Cohen. WHY YOU SHOULD VOTE FOR WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING: Marvel at bad bangs and Bill Pullman being a heartthrob. Also: Christmas in August! --Allison Saunders


If you're prone to going against your good instincts, Sandy's tight-laced lawyer-activist that sells out by working for corporate man-child Hugh Grant and then stupidly falls in love with him will be right up your alley. To be fair, there's a good portion of chuckle-heavy punning on his part along with a heavy dose of wide-eyed sexism: "What do you meeeean I'm not supposed to hire only women who will sleep with me?!" Remember when Hollywood thought he was dashing before his face melted off? Two Weeks Notice is basically one long-winded attempt to quit a job Sandy never should have taken in the first place---although ordering 27 different portions of Chinese food every night probably does start to add up---which is only the first in a string of terrible decisions. WHY YOU SHOULD VOTE FOR TWO WEEKS NOTICE: Because, like Sandy in this silly movie, you also have life-cripplingly low self-esteem. —Lindsay Raining Bird

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