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Re: “To all the cheap ass tippers out there

p.s. I claim every cent I make on tips....No way im getting a mortgage on minimum wage income assessment. So its not free money for every server.... I love the preconceived notion that servers are tax cheaters and don't contribute..... Lets just say the same about entrepreneurs....Stop being so judgemental!!!!

Posted by Miss Captin Obvious :) on 02/21/2011 at 8:38 PM

Re: “To all the cheap ass tippers out there

I love serving in HRM...Especially the great customers who puke and destroy the resturant and I have to stay 2 hours past my shift to clean puke out of the mens urinals and wipe mustard and ketchup off the walls, and paint the bathroom stalls because theres graffiti all over them. I love getting my ass kicked on busy nights, it makes time go by faster but when im running my ass off so that everyone can be happy and taken care of efficently, I don't have time to deal with puke and childish behavior, I dont have time to run down the street after you left me with a 100 dollar tab that I...not the resturant...I...have to pay for. I agree, tipping comments are annoying and It upsets me to think that people refuse to tip now because of these posts but its hard work and most of the time its not worth it....my choice I stay....but next time you're out to eat...look at the server, watch how many tables him or her have and decide from that point if he or she deserves an extra gratutity or gratuity at all. There are alot of things to take into consideration and judging all servers is just wrong. Tip accordingly to the service. And last but not least....I always remember a face...Good tippers I will go above and beyond for....people who put an X in the tip spot then come in every second night.....we all know who you are and good luck ever getting anything better then the bare minimum!

Posted by Miss Captin Obvious :) on 02/21/2011 at 8:30 PM

Re: “Drivers Ed.

That intersection sucks! Turning left onto allen st from oxford is horrible! you can never see the far right lane coming towards you because of the cars turning towards connaught. There should definatly be a flashing arrow there. I felt horrible cause I did the same thing not too long ago, there was a truck turning and i couldnt see the right lane so I waited till I could see but by then I the cars behind the truck were going straight and it was a tight squeeze for them and me and others turning to get threw....All I can say is that at least you wernt hit....a bit drastic about the being killed part considering its impossible to do more then 45km/h through that intersection especially in the morning when theres so many cars. At least she appologised...everyone makes mistakes...Thats why accidents are called accidents. Glad no one got hurt though...

Posted by Miss Captin Obvious :) on 06/12/2010 at 1:21 AM

Re: “To the table of 2 tonight:

"but not enough to support a particular habit many service industry workers may or may not have." ARE YOU FOR REAL?!?!?! I have finished my pharmacy education......I AM SMART......I am a waitress...Im paying off an over priced education in a happier environment...Nice assumtion though...you can say that about any job...lets not pay doctors high salarys, they may get a bad habbit....HA....read a book sometime. Educate yourself and stop judging!

Posted by Miss Captin Obvious :) on 06/04/2010 at 4:44 AM

Re: “Unappreciating customers

Better yet, if you do tip well, all of the servers working will remember your face and will be fighting to serve you and jump to ur table...

p.s. pizza girl, you did the right thing...i would have left you a great tip for your consideration in my famished children! :)

Posted by Miss Captin Obvious :) on 06/04/2010 at 4:31 AM

Re: “Unappreciating customers

Actually qpmzwonxeibcruv, I had a travel visa for 6 months which let me work LEGALLY for 19.50 an hour....and with people like you, most NS servers don't make near that an hour. I also worked in Virgina LEGALLY due to my citizenship and there you don't make a wage, you souly rely on your tips. Every 2 weeks you get a void paystub that states the $2.50 an hour your entitled to goes to taxes. There is never a cheque attached. Customers understand and know this so tips were automatically at least 20%. I could work a whole day scrubbing table bases, chairs, walls, bathrooms and scraping gum under tables and have 3 or 4 people walk in. 11 hours of work and relying on customers gratuities to pay my rent. I love my job, I love talking with customers and enjoy every minute of it, but to the people who believe in dining out and not tipping when the service is beyond satisfactory....Your server will remeber your face and maybe he or she might not give you that extrodinary service next time you walk in.

Posted by Miss Captin Obvious :) on 06/04/2010 at 4:27 AM

Re: “Unappreciating customers

I just got home from Oz....I was serving...making $19.50 an hour......at that wage....no i dont want a tip. Working in NS at a bar... making minimum wage, busting ass for peoples waters....ya...a tip would be greatly appreciated. Not expected......but I will remeber your face and make sure that my apppreciation does not go unnoticed this time or the next time you come in.

To the table of 8 20 year olds I had a couple nights ago. Thank you so much! As per usual, i gave them my usual outstanding service but this time I as pleasntly suprised to see a 25 % tip on a $300 bill. So what did I do...walked up to the bar, made a shot and paid for it myself and gave it to the girl who paid for all of her friends drinks and food. I wanted to show my appreciation and maybe give some of the others at her table a hint hint...Thank you so much!
Now to another table later on that night....you;re at least 30 years old, you came in, acted sober, bought food then threw up everywheres, thank you for not tipping a cent. I stayed late cleaning your vomit over everything. Thankfully my table of suffering students made up for your great maturity and lack of common sense....pick up a cloth and help me clean if your not going to tip cash!

Posted by Miss Captin Obvious :) on 06/03/2010 at 1:35 AM

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