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My summer: Paolo Colbertaldo, chef

Colbertaldo, the executive chef at jane's on the common, likes to have a mussel bake on a beach.


Colbertaldo started cooking early. "My father wouldn't teach me how to do carpentry because I was left handed, so my mother took me to the bakery." In Halifax he worked at the Soho, for the US Consul General as well as doing catering for the film industry. He's spent almost four years at jane's on the common, where he is the executive chef. His partner in life is Jodi Manley, owner of Heroine on Charles Street and also a yoga instructor.

The Coast: What do you enjoy about summertime here in the city?

Paolo Colbertaldo: Getting out of it.

TC: Going where?

PC: Jodi and I usually just jump in the car whatever day we can, and we usually do mussels on Hirtle's Beach. We get Indian Point mussels and go to the beach. We go swimming at Williams Lake and take the dog to Frog Pond.

TC: When you're not working at Jane's, where do you like to go out to eat?

PC: I like to go to Fid and Coastal Café. At Coastal, I like whatever he's got going on with the eggs. I go for coffee at FRED. but I don't go out to eat often.

TC: You live near the Common, are you into the concerts there?

PC: The concerts are the bane of my existence. They destroy the commons. I don't mean to sound like that, but it's really the truth.

TC: Anything else this summer you want to see?

PC: I do the Farmers' Market, that's my big thing. We buy some stuff for jane's, and at home we eat 75 percent from the market. I love the Indian Point live scallops in the shell. I eat them raw, actually.

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