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Naff graf?


Dear Lezlie Lowe,

Regarding your column "A higher scrawling," July 12, 2007, you just don't get it, do you? You want better art? Look harder. Most of us writers work hard to make a name. Don't even try and associate us with these "can't-be-bothered taggers," who just tag shit with no style and that's it. Next time you see a handstyle somewhere, don't judge the writer until you see some of his or her pieces or throw ups that took time and effort. As graffiti artists, we have to be dedicated to what we do.

This law won't do anything and I'm sure whoever thought of it knew this. And while we're on the topic, Halifax should have some sort of annual graffiti jam/festival like so many other Canadian cities.

By OPAKone

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