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NDP Fails Regarding Seal Hunt

I have been a supporter of the NDP all my life, but no more.


It was with shock and dismay that I read Bruce Wark's "Sealed and delivered" (Editorial, November 12). I have been a supporter of the NDP all my life, but no more. They have let us down and betrayed us in their quest to be like the other parties. For Sterling Belliveau to get up in the legislature and use the same lies and deceit that the federal Tories use to justify their support for the slaughter for seals on Hay Island is an abomination.

Seals have been hunting codfish off the coast of Newfoundland and Nova Scotia for thousands of years, before the first white man set foot here. Now they blame the victims for the crime, when everyone knows that it's European and Russian overfishing and their dragging the ocean floor that has destroyed the cod stocks and the environment. This was going on as the gutless politicians sat in Ottawa and did nothing.

We who supported the NDP know who should be environment minister, and it is not Sterling Belliveau. But in Darrell Dexter's rush to be premier he wanted to show the people in Nova Scotia that they are just one of the good old parties.

Unfortunately we have three parties in Nova Scotia. The Conservatives, the Liberals and the Pretend Liberals. If I wanted the Liberals or Conservatives, I would've voted for them. We wanted some new thinking, a party that can think outside the box. We didn't get it, either with Sterling Beliveau or Darrell Dexter.

But maybe, Mr. Belliveau, someday the Liberals or Conservatives will need a new environment minister and you will have the experience to fit into their parties.—Tom Burns, Halifax

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