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Nocturne: all work and lots of play

The first Nocturne: Art at Night festival will transform Halifax into a giant art party. Sue Carter Flinn asked artists from around town for a sneak peek of the fun to come.


Wes JohnsonPhantom Stacks (1790-92 Granville)

Describe your installation: This installation requires your personal attendance to be fully "realized." If nothing happens, you might try a different spot.

What emotions will people leave with? Depends on the crowd. I would anticipate from the drunken Split Crow patrons, confusion and/or some howling. For a more sober audience, I would expect a combination of exhilaration and sensory strain.

If my installation was voted mayor: It would ignore the public that voted for it, and drive around in a BMW with tinted windows, blasting pungent classic rock. It would accomplish very little while in office and embezzle taxpayers' money.

If I had a million art dollars: I'd convert the Citadel Hill Historic Site into Gondola Central Station. The period actors would be rehired as attendants and lift operators. Porters in 17th century Highland Regiment guard uniforms would escort old ladies from the platform onto the gondola cars.

Yo Rodeoblink! gallery (1869 Upper Water)

Describe your exhibition: Three Dee Realms explores the process of anaglyphic (red/blue) 3D drawing and printing. The images are screen-printed using red and blue, and can be viewed with or without the supplied 3D glasses. The theme of the series is "impossible realms" and each piece depicts abstract fantasy landscapes, structures and their occupants. This will be Yo Rodeo's first showing of our collaborative work, not related to gig-posters. Yo Rodeo is not responsible for any headaches or dizziness that may result from extended emersion in three dimensions.

Will people have a physical reaction to the impossible realm?We hope people will leave our show dizzy with wonder.

If our exhibition was voted Mayor of Three Dee Realms:It would issue mandatory 3D glasses to all citizens. And replace City Hall with a majestic pyramid.

If we had a million art dollars:We would make and print the world's largest hand-pulled screenprint. Verified by Guinness.

François GaudetSackville & Barrington, with Robert Finley (Tramway building, corner of Sackville and Barrington), 9pm only

Nuit Blanche (Saint Mary's University Art Gallery, Loyola Building, 5865 Gorsebrook)

Describe Nuit Blanche: Drawing and experimenting with a light source, frame-by-frame, choreographs a poetic nocturnal dance. Nuit Blanche, a form of wake, questions the in-betweeness of negative and positive space---night and day.

Nightfall approaches rapidly in a city and marks the edge of sleep. Deep in the heart of night, a somnambulist reveals its immediate surroundings, shedding an aura of dream-like hallucinations.

What does art mean to you? Art has saved my life quite a few times. I find it troubling we have to fight so hard for something that's so natural, like art and culture. There is nothing more intense and beautiful than sharing our stories through the arts.

If my installation ruled the world: First, I would give all my art dollars to AFCOOP, CFAT and Saint Mary's University Art Gallery. They have supported me in my new filmmaking quest and Nuit Blanche would not be possible without AFCOOP.

If I had a million art dollars: I would bring Andy Warhol back to life and make a documentary. I would rent state-of-the-art equipment that AFCOOP and CFAT bought with the donation from my art-dollar donations.

Sherry Lynn Jollymore A Spectacle! (various locations throughout the city)

What is a Spectacle? It's an ensemble created specifically for Nocturne to explore the creative possibilities of a newer technology called Electroluminescent wire. EL wire (sometimes called cool neon) is an unbroken line of visible light encased in a thin plastic that is extremely flexible, making it ideal for clothing and costume.

How does EL make you feel?A magical "isn't that awesome" feeling!

If Spectacle beats Peter Kelly for mayor: It would light up your life!

With my million art dollars: I would create a fashion/art show incorporating live music with a cutting-edge light/projection show and of course beautiful, completely over-the-top clothing.

Heather KeelingCréatures Deux Nuit, Seeds Gallery (1892 Hollis)

Describe your exhibition: Canadian wildlife by NSCAD alumni David R. Harper and Heather Keeling.

How will people remember your show? With nostalgia for the wilderness and their cottages.

When our exhibition wins the election: Créatures Deux Nuit only works at night.

With my million art dollars: I will travel the world and build a kiln large enough to fit a moose.

Adriana Kuiper

Dalhousie campus (get directions at Dalhousie Art Gallery, 6101 University)

Describe your installation: The installation I am building at Dal consists of a few parts. I will be building a large culvert shelter, made "impenetrable" by stuffing the ends with firewood and making shift mailboxes. The mailboxes are made of bright robin's-egg blue PVC sewer pipe. The piece will include supplemental mailboxes placed around the Dalhousie campus. Individuals will be able to engage in a system of so-called social networking by leaving messages for others in the various mailboxes. I'd like to encourage people to use the mailboxes and to take time to leave messages and look for the postcards following Nocturne.

What emotions will people leave with? Hmm...that's tough to predict...

If my installation was voted mayor, it would: support affordable and maybe even sustainable housing in the city...

If I had a million art dollars, I would: buy a few prefab tornado shelters, convert them into a studio/living space and set up shop somewhere on the south shore.

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