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To the editor,

I recently read a story in The Daily News on Sunday shopping entitled "Because we could." The point it made, if unintentional, was exactly mine: if you open it, they will come. I'm actually not sure what the intended message was, but the article was littered with quotes from mall patrons stating their reasons for being Sunday shoppers after voting against Sunday shopping in 2004. Hypocrites? Maybe, but I would only charge them with being human. Many of us try to do what we feel is morally right most of the time. I compost, recycle and try to buy local produce when available. However, I'll be the first to admit that most of my clothing was probably manufactured in areas of the world where human rights are not a government priority.

The government exists to force the hand of society, and sometimes even smack it when it reaches for the cookie jar. Individuals do what is best for the individual good. It is the responsibility of government to do what is in the best interest of societal good. Giving people a choice may seem like the best option.

I could go on about the religious implications of having stores shut down on Sunday, instead of, say, Wednesday, but for now I'll simply state that I believe there should be one day of the week during which people have no option but to pocket their money. I am in no way associated with any particular religion, and I don't see anything wrong with having a day off on Sunday (I don't believe Jesus was the Messiah either, but I still celebrate Christmas).

Why did we vote on this two years ago? If democratic decisions are cancelled as easily and quickly as this one, why bother having the institutions present at all? If that's how our system works, I suppose the federal government could easily put the gay marriage bill back on the table, and that's just ridiculous. Isn't it?

By Anonymous

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