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Nova Scotia doctors need checkup


As many as 24,000 Canadian patients die each year due to "adverse events" (medical code words for medical malpractice). This makes it Canada's third leading cause of death. 

A report published by the Canadian Medical Association Journal confirmed the findings of similar studies done around the world. You can read more about these horrendous stats at (under the heading "legal issues") or on the blog site at On a population-proportional basis, this means 120 Nova Scotians die annually because of medical malpractice---60 of them from HRM. Today in Canada, according to this study, 65.7 Canadians will die due to some sort of "medical adverse event"---2.73 Canadians per hour. Why don't we hear more about successful malpractice suits, if this is the case? Because the laws protect the medical profession, making it all but impossible to win a case---and even if you win, the awards are pre-capped at such a low amount by law you won't even recover your costs. Scary, isn't it? Scarier still is the silence surrounding it.

By Bruce DeVenne

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