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OBEY XII: Eartheater

The undefinable multi-instrumentalist offers pure delicacy and dark experimentation.



As Eartheater, New York multi-instrumentalist Alexandra Drewchin creates lavish experimental songs rich with influences, sounds and references. Her music can be endlessly—rewardingly—analyzed: Songs match beautiful, delicate tones with shrieks, electronic muttering, mysterious bubbling.

Being undefinable has defined Eartheater's glorious output, and IRISIRI, her 2018 album, is a study in the complexities of the human voice, featuring a inspired collection of collaborators like Moor Mother and harpist Marilu Donovan, all mixed with Drewchin's compositional genius and classical knowledge. IRISIRI knocks down, teases and dismantles both societal structures and musical conventions.

If that sounds like a lot, it's because it is. But leave the minimalism for your bathroom shelves and get into the devilish details Saturday at DANSpace. Eartheater's live performances offer a chance to try and keep up in real time—if you can—or at least to be temporarily caught up in a tornado of Eartheater's creation.

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