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OMG it's RSD

Saturday = Record Store Day


This Saturday, April 18 will be the eighth annual Record Store Day. Whether you’re an old school purist or a vinyl virgin, you know that Halifax record stores have got some cheap tricks up their sleeves.

Black Buffalo Records (5567 Cornwallis Street) will start the festivities at 9am with live music all day. Local DJs Toucan Jam, Nik Nonsense, and more will be spinning until 4pm and then Skinny Leigh will be charming you with the blues. There will be free pizza (yay!) as well as sales on regular records. BBR is also doing a free giveaway on one of their beautifully crafted black vinyl crates. Send them a pic of your own terribly vinyl storage and you could win!

Taz Records (1521 Grafton Street and 1270 Bedford Highway) will be keeping things sweet downtown with free doughnuts from Scanway Bakery & Cafe. Both locations will have about 300 exclusive RSD releases as well as 20 percent off all second hand items. But wait, there’s more! They will also be giving away an Audio-Technica turntable, isn’t that music to your ears?

Obsolete Records (2454 Agricola Street) is having a tax free sale this year. No live music, as in the past it’s been very busy, but they’ll keep all you record rats happy with giveaways. Expect some prize bags and posters that you can get your paws on!


Are you newbie to the vinyl scene? Don’t fret! Wise record store gurus have gifted us with some tips for building your collection.

When it comes to buying second hand records, Jimmy Donnelly from Taz says to always check the condition of the record. People assume that because a store is selling it, the record will be in good condition, but that isn’t always the case. Except at Taz, he says, “We’re very picky.”

Worried about storing your records properly? Aaron Hartling from Black Buffalo Records has some simple hacks to keeping your vinyl safe. First, don’t store them on the floor. If you have a crate to keep them in, make sure there’s an empty one beneath your records. Dust and dirt could get in there, or what if when all this snow melts there’s a flood? Second, don’t lay your record flat on top of one another, keep them upright or else they could warp.

And finally, keeping that sweet music sounding smooth, Ian Fraser from Obsolete Records says the best way to maintain your vinyl is simply to be careful with it. Handle your records from the edges, and keep the sleeves in good condition. If you’re really finicky he says you can look into buying a cleaning kit.

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