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P-A-R-T-WHY? Because I Gotta!

AFF Opening Night Party


People I saw:

Josh MacDonald: His Halo movie (not based on the video game) is in the final stages of post-production. Look for it in 2010.

Jason Eisener and Sean Flinn: Eisener, a local filmmaker, and Flinn, a local journalist (if you read The Coast, you see his name often) both asked where my usual arm candy, Dave Howlett, was, as did Josh Macdonald. Nice fellows.

Luckas Cardona: A graduate of AFCOOP's Film 5 program and debuting his short, Daddy's Little Girl (produced by Janice Villagomez; Film 5 fosters development teams of producers and directors, so the producer is always worth mentioning) on September 23rd.

Stray Observations:

Though the Metro Centre doesn't have the obvious urban-grandeur of Argyle Street, the set-up of this year's party was more welcoming and open. Previous years have obviously delineated a VIP section. The partitioning off between 'us' and 'them' has always been a stressful proposition; what if you bring a date that is in that grey area between nobody and somebody? What is a party worth if you have to work yourself up to yap yourself into? Why differentiate between two parties listening to the same music?

This year's Metro Centre sock-hop did not cordon off an area for VIP, rather afforded them the treatment they come to expect (free drinks! Funky lanyards!) but with the freedom for everybody to mingle as they choose. Ahhh, that's what a civilized democracy is; everyone on the same playing field (or hockey arena in the Metro Centre's case. It may be the Film Festival and all its attendant glamour, but the place still smelled like hockey. I am from small-town Ontario, I know that smell like I know the smell of a rotten egg!), some more privileged than others.

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