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People who live in glass houses…

To the editor,

I take exception to Paul Hannon's reasons behind boycotting The Rolling Stones (Letterhead, September 21).

Since when does music have an expiration date? Who says, "I can't listen to a song because it was written in 1975"? Who says, "I can't like that band, their last hit album came out in 1979"? Those are the ones with the stunted musical tastes, not Rolling Stones fans. Maybe people aren't listening to new bands because they suck. Maybe, just maybe, they're listening to The Rolling Stones because, gasp, they like the music. Maybe they're sick of getting Britney Spears and Beyonce crammed down their throats every five minutes, and find things they like in the music of yesteryear. This is a bad thing?

Sure, there's a lot of Stones merchandise around. But no one's being forced to buy it. If there's a demand for it, why not sell it? And I don't understand why a rock band HAS to support a cause, or what that has to do with me enjoying the band. It'd be nice if they did, but there's no law against it. (Although I should point out the SARS benefit concert they did in Toronto. I can see how you missed it, considering how little media coverage it got.)

And they make money? Gasp! You mean they actually work to make a living?

I think we should all boycott Paul Hannon and listen to whatever music we enjoy listening too, no matter who the band is.

By Scott Moran

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