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Project Olympic runway #2



Go Burundi. Way to kick the traditional outfit. Loves it.

Luxemburg. Way to represent with 14 athletes and cutie flagbearer.

I'm confused by Belarus .There's an older gent carrying the flag and I think that Mansman said he was a sprinter.

Nepal is rocking the black uniform with gold hats, and it looks so much more ceremonial than Japan's unadorned boring suits.

Nigeria's only female athlete is in tai kwon do. Atta girl.

Canada's uniform sucks huge--it looks like it came from Footlocker. I feel really unpatriotic but that's what you get when you let Hudson Bay design them. Where are the hip-hop pants we saw here? At least they're eco-green, made out of bamboo, organic cotton and cacona, which is derived from coconut.

Apparently we have to go to work now, so we'll be back with more highlights later.

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