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Quick Q&A with Mojo Martin

AKA Chris Martin plays new gig tonight at Casino Nova Scotia



So Friday the 13th has been seen as bad luck since the Jesus times. Did you know that? Rumour has it (i.e. the internet) that the origin of the superstition originates from the Son of God's last supper on the eve of His crucifixion, Good Friday, as seen here in this little-known portraiture.

The idea of tragedy in relation to days on the calendar, whether its spiritual or logical or otherwise, has resonated through the ages in various forms of literature, music and culture, despite its seemingly random form of occurrence. For the most part, it's a coincidence, no matter how many horror films are dedicated to the idea that tragedy will occur if a Friday falls on the 13th day of the month. 

Still there's something quite mystical about it, and when you consider Delta and Southern Blues, and the rich spiritual and mystical tradition from whence they came, this sense of foreboding, or premonition, or heaviness, is naturally tied in. And so it makes sense that Mojo Martin (Chris Martin), playing his own blues, would feel a connection to this deep tradition. Cool eh? I asked Martin a few quickies about his new record, Friday 13th, in anticipation of his show tonight. 

Today is Friday the 13th! Nice timing. Why Friday 13th?

I recorded this album in one day on a Friday, the 13th. I did it that way on purpose because I was really curious about how that would work out for me, and because I have so much respect for that first generation of blues artists almost a hundred years ago who had to record that way. I realized that mistakes or flaws were an inherent part of that process, and that would have to be okay.

That's the tradition, too. 

It's more important that the feel is right.

So we know you as the Chris Martin Trio . . . 

Mojo Martin is a new rebranding of my musical career. Essentially, Chris Martin Trio was great, but now that I tour more often as a solo act, I need a name that can work in that context and my given name is un-Google-able due to Coldplay! Plus Mojo Martin rolls of the tongue nicely.

So after this one, what's next? 

My next recording will be a band sound. I have nine songs written for that, but I'm in no rush to record it yet. I still need a couple more tunes, and I want to give myself time to do it right. I've been touring more now than ever before, and I have come to believe in the importance of road-testing songs before heading into the studio. A song isn't finished until it's been presented to an audience!

Tonight's the night. 


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