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Quiet Parade and Acres and Acres take it to church

Pull up a pew and pray to the folk gods, Quiet Parade and Acres and Acres fill the Round Church with sound.



Two of Halifax's Best Bands to Listen to Quietly, as voted by readers of The Coast two years running, are teaming up for a very special night at St. George's Round Church. The union of acoustic mainstay Quiet Parade and folk ensemble Acres and Acres is a heavenly one.

"We searched for the most inspiring venue we could find," says Dave Scholten, adding Acres and Acres has been playing more church gigs since the release of 2012's Truth & Sky. The venue is ideal for both bands, and especially for Quiet Parade.

"Churches offer a really interesting setting," says Quiet Parade's Trevor Murphy. "The imagery, the feel, the history---it all makes its way into your show somehow. Plus, I'm finishing up a masters in religious studies so performing in a church really appeals to my inner nerd."

The aura of quietude and calm that surrounds each band has little to do with the actual volume at which each play. "Our lyrics are very introspective and reflective," says Murphy. "We try to build music around that idea so what we're playing best serves the stories we're telling. The music isn't always quiet, but the sentiments behind it are."

"I think both bands appreciate the beauty in vulnerability. There's a power in it that you can't touch when you're screaming," says Scholten. "The most powerful moments in my life have been soft-voiced and full of meaning. Yelling usually makes no sense." Scholten admires the church's natural reverb, which was designed, of course, to amplify choral singing.

"I think at the core both bands are trying to accomplish the same things," says Murphy. "Both of us play this sort of left-of-centre folk music. Acres are really good at building lush soundscapes; we tend more towards the pop aspects." You can also expect some goofin' around.

"As a kid I always liked parades because the coolest floats would throw candy at you," says Murphy. "Do they still do that these days? It's probably illegal now. More candy please!"

Quiet Parade w/Acres and Acres
Saturday, November 23 at 7pm, $12/15
The Round Church, Brunswick Street

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