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Radiant bridal skin

Get perfect wedding day skin with Fred Connors.


Every bride envisions having healthy, glowing and radiant skin on her wedding day. Paramount to achieving this is a professional skincare consultation with an esthetician who is trained in topical skincare and cosmetics and is very knowledgeable about the relationship between your skin and nutrition.

Topical Skincare

A topical skin care assessment will identify your skin type and determine a targeted program to achieve optimal health and balance on your wedding day. This analysis will identify whether your skin is normal, oily, dehydrated, sensitive, dull or irritated and will provide a skincare regime based on your skin type and its needs. In conjunction with your home care regime the removal of the outer layers of the skin’s surface, through exfoliation and resurfacing may be recommended as a way to reveal a fresher and more radiant face. Best results for glowing, dewy skin can be achieved through glycolic or enzyme based peels.


Your nutritional intake leading up to your wedding day is very much tied to your topical skincare regime. Proper nutrition with the appropriate balance of fluids, fruits and vegetables is vital to the brilliance of your skin. For a smooth fresh complexion you should eat a diet rich in Omega 3 essential fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids, found in salmon, tuna, sardines or flax, are magic for your skin. They keep skin cells moist and strong and are strongly beneficial in promoting smooth and radiant skin. As well a diet rich in antioxidants A, C, E, found in leafy greens, fruit and nuts will protect the skin against cell damage, and promote skin cell renewal.


The final aspect to achieving radiant skin is through the choice of appropriate cosmetics that will compliment your skin type and tone. The perfect glowing skin tone can be achieved through the use of mineral cosmetics including tinted moisturizers, shear mineral bronzers and highlighters that will promote the skin’s natural glow and luster. Avoid concealers and foundations that can make your skin look dehydrated, heavy and sallow. Your favorite wedding photo will be on display for a long time, make sure you take a little time to put your best face forward.

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