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re: Green Resolve, (Jan.10)

The problem with presenting resolutions like the ones Tamara Lorincz suggested in her "Green resolve" letter (Jan. 10), is that it puts blame for the dire environmental state on individuals, when corporations are the ones destroying the planet.

If you are not immersed within the natural world, you cannot connect to it and if you cannot connect to something, you cannot defend it. We are taught to separate ourselves from nature and that is where the trouble starts. The trouble isn't everyday individuals and their lightbulb choices, it is the select few in power who look at forests, mountains and rivers and see monetary value, then turn the responsibility of their ensuing 
actions back to us.

Here's the problem: If everyone in the United States did everything they could to be environmentally responsible, there would only be a 21 percent reduction in total CO2 emissions. These emissions go up two percent yearly as it stands.

Cities require capitalism, which requires the importation of resources. Importation requires fuel and imported objects require fuel to be produced. Peak oil in mind (the time maximum global petroleum production is reached), I will say that there is no such thing as a "green, healthy and sustainable city." In fact, it sounds like an oxymoron.

I am not saying that the small choices we make in our lives do not have positive effects. I am saying that everyday actions, like the ones you've mentioned, should simply be part of being a responsible creature on a beautiful planet given the circumstances. We are too far into this mess to have an easy solution. People need to move towards becoming completely self-sustainable. Tear down the old and create the new. The planet has entered a state of environmental crisis and our actions need to start getting bigger if we want conditions to improve. You can't destroy the planet and live on it, too.

By Jasmine Marsh

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